Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy Dogs...Busy Bloggers. We're Missing our Editor-in-Chief

by Oliver
(c) Carrie Boyko
Oliver Practices for Halloween
This week has been a bit tough for us. Missing our Xena, the Editor-in-Chief of this blog, we're pulling all the weight. Mourning a packmate is normal for dogs, so I guess we're not behaving terribly out of the ordinary. We just haven't been the perkiest pups in the park, but we're working at it.

Mom has had us out for lots of walks, swims and dog park visits. She even dressed me up in last year's Halloween costume to see if I'd liven up, but instead I took another nap. The socializing at the dog park was probably the best thing for us--helped get our minds off things at home.

Problem is when we arrive home the memories are still there. Xena's crate is empty. Her favorite spots have not been warmed and her dish is untouched. Guess it's time to move on, but we're not really ready. Our motto for now is:

 "One paw in front of the other"

If you have ideas for helping us cheer up, we'd love to hear them. We can use all the help we can get. The comment link is down at the bottom. Feel free to offer your tips. Thanks!

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niki maas said...

I TRUELY WISH I HAD ALL THE ANSWERS! its just as hard on your mom as it is you. Just give loads of hugs and kisses to your momma and she will return the favor. Keep up the doggy park thing, helps you have some moments of happiness, but never hurts to remember either.. Like I said I wish I had all the answers, cuzsometimes I dont know what to do either. I just got off the internet looking at my youngest son playing in band, I miss him so much.. and then Allies sining comes up.. so my eyes where leeking.. It hurts to remember, but I smile in the middle of the tears because it was good times..
Keep moving forward, but never forget to remember..
Loads of hugs

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