Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Hound Silliness

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
What Do Ya Think?

So.....Oliver is getting primped in his Captain Jack Sparrow outfit.  I already did my gig, swimming with the dolphins. I couldn't stand it. I had to try on his dreadlocks. You like?

If you think I look silly, stop over at All Things Dog Blog so you can laugh at coo over Oliver. He's such a stud--NOT!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Too Tired to Party!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
 Tired Party Animal
♫  ♫

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
This birthday boy doesn't peeeeep
And he really needs some sleep!

♫   ♫

Be sure to stop over and see my yummy cake and some better photos on All Things Dog Blog. Nite nite!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Rain Out :(

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Rain on My Birthday? @!!!
Today is my Fourth birthday. We have a cake and treats and everything all ready. I could hardly sleep last night knowing that cake was waiting in the kitchen. But what d'ya know....RAIN. Buckets of rain!

It has been raining since the wee hours and look at me. This is what happens to a Papillon when he has do his morning business in pouring rain. It's really just not fair.

And what of my party? Mom says I have to wait to eat the cake until we can properly don our hats and take photos and sing the Happy Birthday to me song. Can you help me? Here are your options:

  • Please stop the rain. Send it to Texas where they need it so badly. My birthday is at stake here!
  • Get in touch with my momma at All Things Dog Blog and tell her my birthday should be like a Broadway show. You know, "The Show Must Go On!"
  • Finally, try our friends over at Dogtipper and see if they will take this rain off our shoulders. I'm certain they will be happy to accept a transfer.
  • While you're visiting All Things Dog Blog and Dogtipper, there will be absolutely no entries of this photo in any photo contest. Forget you saw it. I will seek revenge if it is repeated anywhere. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Contest Time: It's Halloween!

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
Tanner is Ready to
Swim with the Dolphins
Okay, I've got my embarrassing moment out of the way with this photo. Ya'll need to forget you saw this, please? Maybe next year I won't be wearing something sissy.

Oliver is going to be putty in mom's hands this year. She's got a totally cool, really awesome costume for him. Strangely though, it's way too big for him. She'll have to get out the seamstress tools to make it work. I'm just glad it won't fit me. Whew!

I've been instructed to let you know that All Things Dog Blog and Dogtipper are teaming up to bring you a great costume contest. I guess my dolphin is out of the ocean now, but Oliver's costume is still a secret. (Did you get my joke?) Let's hope he can hang on to it long enough for a photo.

More on that photo contest: They've got prizes for dogs and dog-lovers, Terra Paws treats, flashlights and more. The best part is after the independent judges pick the finalists, you guys get to vote on the winners. Check it out over at All Things Dog Blog or Dogtipper. And dude, please come up with a costume that is not so lame as mine, okay?
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