Friday, October 26, 2012

Mom is at Barkworld Without Us!

by Oliver
(c) All Things Dog Blog
Take Me Along to Barkworld Expo
Do I look happy about this? NO! I gave her every opportunity to pack me up and take me along. I hopped into my crate and gave her my best imploring look, but no, she still walked out this door.

Meanwhile I'm left at home to supervise all the product reviews, giveaways, advertising and Twitter Party planning going on at All Things Dog Blog. Do you think that's fair? I'm not a workhorse. I'm a companion dog, product model, and much more, but NOT a blogger stand in. Woof.

So, anyone out there got any ideas? I need serious ammunition to bring her home. I thought about telling her we had company coming....maybe my new girl-in-law. Is that a word? Hmmm.....

My boy got married last week, so I guess his new wife would be my girl-in-law. That works, right? Only problem is I'd have to fib. Tanner says that's a no-no. He's a goodie two-shoes!

I guess I'll go get my girl and spend some time with her. Maybe, just maybe, I can talk her into a good outing. I'll go anywhere, just out. What do ya say, Toni?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Get #RedCarpetCat Ready!

by Oliver
Tanner and Oliver
Ready for #RedCarpetCat

I suppose by now you've noticed I do most of the writing here. Tanner is usually busy guarding the front door. Clearly I'm better than him at that job too, but I had to make a choice. Today I'm here to give you guys some warm up practice for the TV Animal Trivia that we'll be playing during the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party.

First things first. If you haven't RSVP'd for the party, you're in luck. You still have time to get in on the thousands of dollars worth of great DOG and CAT prizes. You just need to go here to sign up.  Now, let's get on with your practice!

During the Twitter Party there will be a team of hosts offering up trivia for you to join in. It helps us know you're actually with us on the party if you participate, so just jump right in and toss out some answers. It doesn't matter if they are right or not. You still get credit for being PRESENT and accounted for. That's super easy, right?!!

Here's some practice questions so you can see what we're planning:

  1. What was the name of the Looney Tunes character that constantly tried to catch Tweety Bird the canary?
  2. Friends character Ross had a monkey named Marcel. What was his breed?
  3. What was talking TV horse, Mr. Ed's owner/companion's name?
  4.  Do you know which zoo in Central FL was run by Jack Hanna in the mid-70’s?
  5. Which 2 PBS documentaries join 'My Life as a Turkey' in the Cinematography category?
  6. Animal Planet has 2 nominees for News & Documentaries this year. Which shows?
I just asked my girl some of these questions and she got 2 right. How about you? Would you like to know the answers? Visit this evening for the answers to the questions above. You'll also find some new questions on her page. Here are the answers to those:

A1. 'Broken Tail' was nominated for 2 Emmy Awards in 2012.
A2. The last name of Dora the Explorer is Marquez.
A3. Mrs. Slocombe has a cat named Tiddles that is the source of constant innuendo.
A4. The Original Mutual of Omaha’s ‘Wild Kingdom’ premiered on NBC in 1963.
A5. ALF learned that he had become a cat lover when Lucky Tanner, his family's cat, died.
A6. Olivia lived with Lily Rush on 'Cold Case.'
A7. Patches the Zombie Cat appeared on one episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.
A8. ‘Wild Kingdom’ now is broadcast on Animal Planet.

Tanner and I had a good laugh over the "Patches the Zombie Cat" question.  It's okay, though. Our Patches isn't a Zombie, thank goodness!

I also asked mom if she knew what the questions might be for these. She remembered the ALF show and told us all about it. We even heard some stories about her kitties that she had at that time--Corey Lou and Bandit. She was glad we didn't have an ALF!

Okay, you're all warmed up now, right? Don't forget to show up early, check in, and be ready to man your refresh button. I have a feeling it's going to get a good workout.

And there's one more thing. Did you enter to win the PreTweet prize or the Rafflecopter drawing? Don't miss these two prizes, as they don't require you to be present at the party :) Over and out!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hear Ye! Here Ye!
#RedCarpetCat is Now for Dogs too!

by Oliver
I'll Be Tweeting
 at #RedCarpetCat!
Dude! Did you hear? The #RedCarpetCat Emmy event is also including dogs this year. Gnarly, huh?! Tanner and I are uber excited that mom and Dogtipper finally got it right and added canines. What were they thinking?!!!

We haven't heard what the prizes are for dog sorts, so we'll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile, you should be sure to RSVP so you'll be included in the RSVP drawing on September 19, and also to be eligible to win prizes at the party. There are even going to be pre-party prizes, so be sure to watch Event Barkers and for all the updates. It's awesome!

I'll be Tweeting the night away, and probably fending off the ladies while I'm at it. Do ya think I need a body guard? Tanner! You're nominated!

I'll be sharing @TheTiniestTiger's pics taken with the stars at the Emmy Awards Secret Rooms. Gracey is our sponsor (Shhhh....she's a cat). I don't quite understand that. If they're so secret then how come we know about them? Go figure!

I suppose I better get my little black book out and catch up on the names of the Anipals that are of the female persuasion. I can get some names from Preston. He's usually pretty good at keeping tabs. I better get on that. Don't forget to go RSVP right now so you won't be rushing at the end, and mark your calendars so you won't forget. See ya there. I'll be @5MinutesforFido, the coolest Twitterer at the party ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Raw Pet Food in the News

by Oliver with some input from Google and a raw food-eating friend :)
courtesy SuperFantastic via
Eating a Trachea?
Yup! You read that caption right. Raw feeding proponents feed their pets a wide assortment of fresh, raw meats and other foods, including bones. Tanner, Mom and I are neither for or against this method of feeding, but because it has been in the news, we thought we'd share some information, especially for those of you who are not familiar with the issues.

The practice of feeding a raw diet to pets has been controversial for some time.  What's the biggest concern? Safety from bacterial illnesses such as Salmonella, e-coli and others. And we're not just talking about us dogs. Their humans are at risk when proper precautions are not taken.

Another concern is the issue of a balanced diet. You can't just toss your dog a raw chicken and expect him to remain healthy for a long life. He needs other nutrients, healthy fats, and a host of added vitamins, fiber and such. That's why companies in the pet food world have gotten into the game. There are a number of companies that make raw diets which stack up to the AAFCO (Association of Animal Feed Control Officials) guidelines. One of these is Nature's Logic. These diets are sold in frozen form and thawed at home for feeding to your pet. More on that later in this article.

Many pet owners are diligent enough to research proper nutrition and create their own fresh, raw meals. Commonly, these owners create a large number of packages to freeze at one time, thawing one daily for feeding. With the right consultation on nutrition, this can be done in a healthful way. Without knowledgeable guidance, your pet may be looking ahead at a shorter life with poor health. That said, I'd suggest getting proper guidance from an expert to help you with the contents of your pre-packaged meals if you choose to go it on your own.

Moreover, the feeding method is a big concern, and one that must be addressed for me to be thorough on this topic. (Don't I sound impressive for a Papillon?)  Because of the bacterial risks, the feeding area must be cleaned thoroughly after feeding (hot water and lots of soap at a minimum), and your pet may need some cleanup as well. Consider that his paws and face, at a minimum, have come into contact with meat. He'll then be walking around on your carpet. Bathtime? Probably a good idea. 

Do you really want to handle this task daily? It's your call. Tanner would probably manage a good cleaning with a vigorous swim in the chlorinated pool, but me, I'd prefer not to partake in the pool unless Mom forces the issue. She does this occasionally to keep me on top of my game, but I'm not a fan.

I wouldn't be fair if I didn't share that there are some health benefits to feeding raw, at least in the opinion of proponents. Raw food doesn't leave residues on teeth like grains, so raw-fed dogs generally have healthier teeth. This is widely-known to be one of the biggest reasons to feed raw. Healthy teeth = longer life. 

There are a number of other controversial reasons that many believe feeding raw is the way to go. We believe that many of these have value, but with their inherent risks as tagalongs. Again, it's your decision.

Last week the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) voted on a change to their stance on this issue. It basically involved how they recommend their members should advise patients on this topic. It is not a law, and does not change your right to feed you dog in whatever way you choose. It is simply the AVMA's opinion. Time will tell whether their opinion will be taken up by the FDA. I'm not going to go there.

Basically, AVMA decided to advise members not to recommend raw feeding. Their reasoning was largely based on the health risks to both animals and the public. You can read the AVMA report on this vote to get the whole story. It's a short article that gives the basics, but includes links to additional information. We hope this is helpful to you if you want to investigate this more. Best wishes to you no matter which way you choose to feed your best friend, and feel free to leave your comments for the rest of our readers.

Tanner and Oliver

PS--Don't forget to join us for #BarktoSchool, a Twitter Party with over $1000 in prizes. The big event is Sunday, August 12 at 8 PM ET, with prizes beginning promptly at opening. Don't forget to RSVP here to win prizes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Woof!

guest post by Carrie Boyko
Ready Jacque?

Jacque Demonstrates Good Manners

This is Jacque. He's my mother's dog and no, he's not related to Oliver. While Oliver is a puppy mill rescue, Jacque was a family rescue. His owner had to give him up when she became seriously ill. He was a blessing right from the getgo for my mother. Yet he has always had a bit more energy than she does.

I've been working with him on his walking skills, trying to help him understand that pulling is not a good thing. He does fine with me, seemingly getting the message that I won't accept being dragged down the sidewalk. But getting that same behavior to happen for my mom has been a problem. Until I met Alecia, that is.

While chatting with Alecia about her Walk in Sync system, I decided to try it with Tanner, mostly to quell his sudden bursts of enthusiasm when he sees a duck, a dog or a friend down the street. He's a big boy, and when 70 pounds of Golden Retriever decide to take off, it sometimes is challenging to hold my ground. Tanner is now seeing that the Walk in Sync has a unusual chest pull that he apparently respects. Yesterday's Barn Owl sighting during a walk brought only a lunge and then he immediately dropped back to release the pressure. He's getting the message!

Manners Makeovers by Walk in Sync

Now it's Jacque's turn and today I am sharing photos of his experience with the new system. Jacque was a remarkable new boy when he discovered that he, too, did not want to fight the front pull of his new harness. When I handed him off to mom he was ever so much better. She reports that he is continuing to improve each day and she and her neighbors all are enjoying the change. Thanks Alecia!

Learn more here:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nature's Logic Review by Oliver

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Save Some for Me, Tanner

We've been busily dropping photo hints that this review was coming, so I guess you know our noses have already done a pretty good job of checking out the goods. Truth be told, Tanner ate the biggest portion, but to be honest, he always does. He's a whopper at 70 lbs and me, Oliver, I'm a diminutive 10-pounder. Somehow that always makes me sound like a lower life form, but mom assures me I'm still plenty important.. As a matter of fact, I'm so important that I got this writing assignment. Take that, Tanner! BOL!

courtesy Nature's Logic
 I had to hold Tanner's paw and tell him I promised to use his thoughts in this review, or he was most certainly going to whimper like a puppy. So my disclaimer goes something like this: "All information in the following review is a combination of material gleaned from Nature's Logic, Tanner, Oliver, and even a few tidbits from Patches." Does that work? I thought it sounded real professional.
Just to be clear, I'm going to give you some of the official info from Nature's Logic. This is the stuff mom likes to read. Like, for example, their food does not contain any synthetic nutrients. That's just fancy words for know, the stuff that makes us healthy, energetic and shiny. Nature's Logic makes their whole line of foods from 'whole foods' instead of stuff that was made in a chemistry lab. I though a lab was a dog, but my girl, Toni, tells me that it's a place where fake vitamins can be made--yuck! I much prefer real carrots and apples to fake ones, thank you very much!

Tanner seems real impressed with the variety of different aminal (did I spell that right?) meats available in Nature's Logic foods. He tells me they make pet food using chicken, beef, venison, rabbit, salmon, lamb, duck, and sardines. Did I get them all Tanner? That's quite a list, huh?  I'm going to have to go look up venison and sardines....not sure what they are. Can you help?

courtesy Nature's Logic
Apparently since the Nature's Logic food has so much great protein, they decided to leave out some of the carbs that have less nutritional value. That was a mouthful I got from Patches. She hates carbs and cats don't eat much other than protein, so I understand her point of view.

Me, well, I can take an occasional dog treat and enjoy the carbs included, but Patches tells me that Nature's Logic leaves out rice, soy, wheat, potato and tapioca. They explain this and some other stuff about our diets here.

Sounds like the Nature's Logic folks got everything in their food that I like and even made Patches happy. That's no easy feat. What more can we say?

© Carrie Boyko
Guarding the Goods for #BarktoSchool
Oh, yeah, I know what. Mom is helping the Nature's Logic folks get the word out with some help from Tiki and Irie's mom, Paris. We're throwing a Twitter Party called #BarktoSchool. You can join us by RSVPing at the link.

 Mom plans all sorts of training tips and nutrition info that's good for pet owners like you to know. She's also planning to share some info on a writer friend, Peggy Frezon, who has a bunch of books and a neato blog, Peggy's Pet Place.  And another cool part is that she's also giving away a whole bunch of Nature's Logic, Walk in Sync leashes, great dog books, shampoo, training treats and more. Mom says there will be over $1000 in gifts for pets and their families. That's a lotta kibble!

Anyways, if you want to join us for the party, you'll have to head on over the RSVP page and sign up. I guess if your pawprint is not on the list, you can't win a prize, so it's pretty important. I'll be there Tweeting too, so please say hello. My Twitter handle is @5MintuesforFido. See you then!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome Peggy Frezon to #BarktoSchool

by Oliver 
courtesy Peggy Frezon
Brooks Looks Tired from School

courtesy Peggy's Pet Place

Brooks and Kelly, owned by Peggy Frezon, are often a focus at Peggy's Pet Place. This is a delightful blog where you'll find all sorts of articles for the pet lover in you. Even Brooks, the adorable Golden snoozing at the top of this post, gets into the action occasionally with his column, Brooks Books. These book reviews are all about pets and pet books.

courtesy Peggy Frezon

Peggy has been writing about pets for years, having published many stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She now has two books of her own in print, as well. We're excited that she has offered to include an autographed copy of each in our Grand Prize for #BarktoSchool.

Peggy's first solo book, Dieting with my Dog, tells the story of Peggy's journey to eating healthier by teaming up with her dog, Kelly. It's inspirational and fun. You can read Peggy's guest post about the book at the link, over at If you'd like to join Peggy and Kelly in the fun, pick up a copy at the link above; Amazon will get the book to you quickly.

Mom is excited to see Peggy's new book, Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw. You can get a Kindle version here that will help you save money and paper. It's coming soon and mom will share some tidbits with you, hopefully before #BarktoSchool. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner to get an autographed copy in the Grand Prize at #BarktoSchool. Have you RSVP'd? Be sure you do so you're eligible to win:

Tanner Needs a Bigger Scale!
One last fun little thing we'd like to add. When Miss Peggy wrote her guest post for All Things Dog Blog, Tanner and I just had to try out the scale thing. You know you want to see these, right? Check out our Facebook photos and we'll share our silly pics. No peeking at the weights though. Shhhh!

Oh, all right, then. I'll plug in Tanner's picture but you'll have to go to our Facebook page to see mine. Tanner couldn't fit his big self on the scale, so go ahead and laugh at his pouty face, but there will be absolutely No laughing at me!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rafflecopter Lands for #BarktoSchool!

by Oliver
Logical Natural Pet Food:
Nature's Logic
The Rafflecopter prize has been announced over at All Things Dog Blog, so I guess I have clearance to let that chopper land here now too. What does that mean for you? Prizes!

Tanner just took inventory of the Rafflecopter prize and he tells me there is something in that package from each of our #BarktoSchool Twitter Party sponsors:  Nature's Logic pet food (they have kitty chow too), a Walk in Sync Get-a-Grip leash, a book from Peggy Frezon, and goodies from the Event Barkers team.

Tanner says he used all his toes, pads, dewclaws and even his teeth, and still couldn't add up the value of the prizes, but I peeked over at mom's blog and got the scoop: over $80 in value for this prize alone! Apparently that's good :)

Peggy Frezon Book TourTanner and I will be sharing some highlights and reviews here over the next 10 days, telling your more about Peggy Frezon, Walk in Sync, and Nature's Logic. Be sure to stop in at the other host blogs to learn more. We hear that Paris will even be doing a video review of one of the products. No movie cameras for us, thank you very much. we're pretty good at posing, so we'll stick with what we're good at!

If you don't see the Rafflecopter entry form below, simply click on the title to refresh and it will appear at the bottom of the post. I think it hides like that just to be stealthy. Does that impress you?

Have fun and good luck!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Logic from Nature Makes Natural Dog Chow

by Tanner and Oliver
Join us for an Upcoming Review
We're excited to tell you that we've got the job we were made for. Big thank you's to the Nature's Logic folks from Tanner and Oliver. We get to share some of the scoop on Nature's Logic, an all-natural pet food line that makes dry, wet and even frozen food. We've got bunches of facts from our mom, but we'll also be giving you our taste bud's opinion, more important than most anything else, right?

Oliver Tweeting it Up
 With the Ladies
Today we're actually here to share the beginning of our PreTweet contest. That's a tongue twister for sure. Basically it just means that you can Tweet about the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party to win prizes. That's pretty neat, huh?

Our PreTweet winner will be awarded their prize from a drawing of all the Tweets with the party hashtag. The winner will be announced at the party on August 12. If you can't make it to the event, we'll still get in touch. Believe it or not, Tanner and I are pretty good at Tweeting, thumbs not required :)

Here's some Tweets you can try out. Feel free to Tweet them once each day, and you can do them all or pick your faves:

Oops...Tanner says we have to tell you what the prize is for winning the PreTweet contest. Mom's locked up all the deets tight, but we got a quick peek and can tell you it will include a Walk in Sync Get-a-Grip leash (Tanner has one; it super duper nice), a bottle of yummy smelling Mango shampoo from Austin Rose, my fave--a box of training treats--and some Nature's Logic food, dry and canned. Wowzer; that's an awesome prize for some pet family.

We'll be back soon to share more deets on the #BarktoSchool sponsors and their products. Hope to see you real soon, and don't forget to RSVP here for the party so you can win our great prizes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Mom's New Trainer Friend, Alecia

by Tanner

This is Alecia, the maker of my new harness and leash walking system called Walk in Sync. Mom's planning a review soon so you'll get to see me showing off my moves. Well, actually, she won't allow me to do much in the way of moves with this new system. Apparently the whole reason for it was to keep me from getting too excited when I see ducks or friends down the street or pretty much anything that gets me drooling for a fun fest.

No complaints, though. I'm liking this new harness. It's comfortable and easy to put on. Mom doesn't talk as much when I misbehave (did I say that?) but I get the message. Watch for her review soon and I promise to do my best to look good :)

~ Tanner

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twitter Party Time:
BarktoSchool Opens for Business!

by Oliver
Oliver Shows Off a Sponsor
I've been biting my tongue for weeks now, just waiting to finally let the cat out of the bag. As it turns out, one of our sponsors also makes all-natural food for cats, so I guess Patches will get in on some of this action. All I have to say about that is "Woof!"

Today we're officially opening the RSVP. Yup! That means you can sign up to win prizes at the party. You can also win pre-party prizes when we start the Rafflecopter and the PreTweet events, so keep your eyes open for those.

I'm going to copy mom's steps for signing up below, so you can do it here if you like. After you sign up, feel free to check out the list of sponsors.

We've only got clearance to tell you a little bit and mom's locked down all the juicy info. :(  What's with her? She doesn't seem to like it when we 'leak' info. That's just no fun. Visit her post to find out all about our blogger sponsor, our pet food sponsor, and our trainer and training system sponsor. And of course Event Barkers is getting into the mix also. You can check out this link to 'Like' them on Facebook. They seem to enjoy sharing their party info. Tanner and I like that part too.

Ready to RSVP? Here goes: Below the numbered list at the bottom is a blue link that says "Click here to enter". Click this and follow these instructions, using the image below as a guide. In the field that says "Link Title or Blog Title" just enter your Twitter handle with the @sign in front of it. Notice mom entered @AllThingsDog in the example.

In the second field that says "Link" you'll enter the link to your Twitter account. It will look like this: "".

You can leave your email address and name in the next two fields if you wish. This will help us reach you if your Twitter handle is listed wrong and you win a prize. Now click "Enter your link" and that's it. You have completed your RSVP. See you on August 12 at 8:00 PM ET.

#BarktoSchool sponsors are providing products as prizes for our winners and working with the Event Barkers team to help you learn more about their products and services. There is no purchase required to enter or to join in the Twitter Party.

Monday, July 23, 2012

#Bark to School Announcement

by Oliver and Tanner
Listen Up
 It's Time for #BarktoSchool!
Summer is almost over according to mom. Funny thing is when we look at the calendar it is still July. Isn't August part of Summer?

We pow wowed and decided that mom's having a blonde moment. Apparently Paris is too. Tiki and Irie tell us that she announced a #BarktoSchool Twitter Party today, just like our mom did. Go figure! Apparently they are conspiring to send us all back to training class. Now you tell us, do we look like we need more school?

There's is one upside to this. Apparently mom and some of her Event Barkers cronies are giving away cool stuff at this Twitter Party on August 12. There has not been an announcement of the sponsors yet, but we snuck a peek in the file and it appears there is food involved, as well as all sorts of other cool stuff. We're there! Hope to see you too. We'll keep you posted on future updates.

~Tanner and Oliver

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soggy Doggy Silliness

by Tanner
I WAS Napping :(
This is my housemate, Oliver. You may know him already. He's the diminutive member of this household who thinks we should be all about him. Even when it comes to review products, he sometimes takes over, like today. Here's a snapshot of him annoyed with mom for interrupting his nap. Seriously?!

Now let's look at this from a more useful point of view--mine. I could have used a Super Shammy to dry off from my daily swims and Fetch training. Well, that's what Mom calls it, but technically, it's just a game. After all, I've mastered Fetching 5 toys and lining them up at the back door for her. What more can she possibly want from me?

After she hoses me down and rubs some conditioner on my coat, we dry off and I like to go inside and finish drying on the living room carpet. I really don't see what's wrong with that. After all, it's basically the same color as I am and I'm already all clean after my swim. I'm hardly a dirty dog except for the occasional rainy day when I decide to chase a Raccoon or Opossum around the yard. Then I get to have my paws hosed off really, really well. We're talking pedicure stuff here. I don't understand all the fuss about a little dirt.
Tanner Wants One of These :)

Anyway, Mom's giving away these Soggy Doggy Doormats and Super Shammies at All Things Dog Blog. If your pup needs a napping spot like Oliver, or a better way to dry off, you may want to check it out. Anybody got an idea how I can enter to win a Soggy Doggy Super Shammy? I love being toweled off. Did I mention that I love playing 'Dry the Doggy?' Ahhhhhh! It feels sooooo good.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gamma2 Goes to Blogpaws with Oliver: No?!

by Oliver
Me and My Gamma2
Ready for Blogpaws
I'm not a happy camper right now. I just got this super cool new TRAVEL-tainer by Gamma2 and a Vittles Vault Jr. to carry along extra food since I eat sooooo much (NOT!). But now I've learned that I'm not going to Blogpaws. Here I dusted off my carrier, tested it out, and.....bad news.

Humph! The only good part is that Tanner doesn't get to go in my place. He'd be fetching half the food off the  buffet and engaging all the other dogs in tag games. Talk about a dogpark showoff! 

Speaking of showoffs, Sunday my mom and the mom over at Dogtipper (Tiki and Irie's mom) will be having another Twitter Party, this time for Gamma2. Mom has been having fun teaching Twitter 101 to the Gamma2 folks, sharing their Gamma2 G-Men video with half the Internet, and well, Grandma's move made for quite the exciting week. Here adopted Papillon is NOT my cousin, but for some reason my mom calls him the Cousin. Go figure!

Anyway, I wanted to share the fun G-men video and make sure you all remember to RSVP for the #Gamma2Fresh Twitter Party so you can win patented, airtight food containers for your Woof and Meow. See you there!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pet Travel Feeding Solutions

by Oliver
Tanner Shows Off the TRAVEL-tainer

First off, I didn't make up that title. Tanner was in charge of titles today, and pictures too. He picked one of himself :(   It's really, really boring, but the post is bunches better; I wrote the post :). Keep reading...When this news flash came by me I just had to scoop it up before Tanner got wind of it. The new TRAVEL-tainer that Mom has sitting on her desk right now has bowls that hold a whole quart of food. Yeow! I'm loving that idea since I get way less than that at my usual chowtime.

I have not quite figured it all out. I know Tanner is bigger than me. But I do weigh 10 lbs. That seems like enough to be fed a reasonable ration, but no, I get tiny nibbles of kibble in my diminutive bowl. And then Mom has the gall to call me her pocket pup. Doesn't she know that makes me feel so, so, small? :(

So I'm going to figure out a way to hide that TRAVEL-tainer and make sure it's mine. When we go on our next camping trip I've got dibs on it. Done! Tanner will get to eat out of the grocery store plastic bowl that's barely big enough for a mouse. So there!

FYI, if you want to nab one of these cool travel containers, you need to be at #Gamma2Fresh, Mom's Twitter Party on June 10. She's hosting for the Gamma2 company along with Paris, her Event Barkers buddy. They apparently have a whole pile of Gamma2 food containers to give away, but I've yet to figure out where she's hiding them. Maybe I'll go check the garage. Wish me luck. See you on June 10. I'll be tweeting @5MinutesforFido. Go RSVP right now so you can get in on the prizes.

My bad! I should tell you about the extra chances to win. Besides the RSVP drawing, you can PreTweet to win, and there's a Rafflecopter thingy you can enter on too. Good luck with that; I'm not too sure if it will take off flying or what. Let me know if you figure it out.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stale Kibble? Mom Has Solutions!

by Oliver

Mom is back in Twitter Party mode and boy is she going great guns. Between her and her partner, Tiki and Irie's mom, they have got their paws full. Or is that hands? I can't quite keep that straight, but I call them paws.
These are Paws, Right?

With tonight's Twitter Party looming large, mom is also busy getting ready for another one: #Gamma2Fresh. These are the folks that make patented airtight pet food storage. I like that. And their YouTube video is so much fun to watch, you've just got to take a minute and enjoy it. I was dancing to their beat!

Tanner and I pow wowed with Xena, Patches, and Robby one time way back in the day, and we decided that we don't like our food going rancid or stale, and we even don't like it to get bugs in it. That may sound strange to you, since I love chasing bugs outside and am a big fan of a good earthworm for a snack, but I really don't like things crawling around in my dinner. After all, it is MY dinner!

So join us for the #Gamma2Fresh Twitter Party so you can learn more about preventing these terrible, awful, no good, very bad problems. Mom and Paris will be giving away pet food containers every 5 minutes, plus you can win by Tweeting, RSVPing and entering the Rafflecopter. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds like fun. Good luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anipals' Twitter Party Fun!

by Tanner
Prizes and Priorities

By now y'all must know my priority is chow. Let's face it, life is just better when our tummies are full. But I digress. I'm here today to let you know that All Things Dog Blog and have teamed up as Event Barkers and planned a new Twitter Party: #EBTweets.

It sounds a little like "EB Toots" to me, and that's exactly what they'll be doing, according to mom. They want to tell you all about their upcoming Twitter Parties, while handing out all kinds of cool goodies to cats and dogs. Yes, you heard that right--cats too!

Oliver and I are busy trying to locate the swag so we can hide it from her, but so far no luck. Any help out there? I mean really; is she going to give away all my Castor and Pollux Organix? And what about that big box of Zukes treats? Gone? Ugg.

LargeI hear her in her office chattering away about prizes over $1000 and wonder what else will disappear. The only good thing I have determined is that she's encouraging y'all to feel free to donate your prizes to a rescue. My homeless cousins could sure use this great loot--toys, treats, food, training stuff and some pretty cool tote bags. Mom brought home all sorts of tote bags with dogs and cats on them. Oliver fits into them, but not me . Whew!

So I suppose we're going to lose this loot to you. You may as well go ahead and RSVP for this #EBTweets Twitter Party. Mom will throw it whether I like it or not!

Tiki and Irie over at are trying to sneak some of the loot that is lurking in their cabinets. They really ought to engage the help of Felix, Linus and the rest of the feline gang, don't you think? Paws crossed that they are able to retrieve some of it!

Awesome Dog Prizes
for PreTweet Drawing
If you'd like to track the news on prizes, parties and more, subscribe to Event Barkers newsletter, and be sure to drop in at and for updates. And don't forget to RSVP  for the #EBTweets shindig on May 27th with @EventBarkers.

Mom says I have to tell you that you can help get the word out ( and get entered to win a cool prize) if you help PreTweet about the #EBTweets Twitter Party.  Apparently there are some great grab bag prizes with bunches of cool stuff. She says they have bags for cats or dogs, so it doesn't matter who wins. Here's a sample Tweet to get you started on winning this great bag of toys:

#EBTweets has started preTweeting 4 prizes. Thx @5minutesforFido's Tanner for helping get the word out at 

See you at the party. I'll be the sad one helping to give away dog food and dog toys that I could certainly put to good use right here. You are some lucky dogs, you know?

Prize Eligibility: Everyone worldwide is welcome to join in  #EBTweets for fun. Prizes are limited to U.S. and Canadian addresses. Prizes designated to a rescue by their winners may go only to U.S. rescues. Thank you for your understanding!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bond with Your Dog: The Weekly Wag

by Oliver
© All Things Dog Blog
Wait, Tanner!
Mom and Tanner have been very busy practicing this silly game of Fetch lately. The weather here is warmer and Tanner has been back in the pool, the lake, and of course, running at the park. Me? I prefer to visit with the 2 legged sorts and keep out of the way of the big dogs that play so rambunctiously.

Since mom and Tanner, and even my human brothers and sisters, are having such fun playing this Fetch game I thought I'd let you know they are sharing some tips on teaching the game over at All Things Dog Blog. I'll plug in the whole Weekly Wag activity list below. It's sort of like bonding time for dogs and their families.

© All Things Dog Blog
Tanner Fetches a Frisbee
Before I go, let me share one last tidbit. Mom got a sponsorship for the Fetch training series from Petmate. She's running a giveaway of Floatimals, a toy that floats nicely for water Fetch. Me and Tanner both like this toy. Although it is almost as big as I am, it's super light and I can grab the skinny, flappy things that hang down. It's cool. Check it out here. Maybe you'll get lucky and win one in the giveaway of 10! Good luck.

This post is part of the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop hosted by Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume. You are welcome to link up here, or check any of their sites for their rules of participation. Happy hopping!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Petfinder Benefit Announced!

by Tanner
Shall I bow? Yeah; I know I'm handsome! This is my grandpa's Packers hat; cool huh!

Oliver and I have been working real hard to help mom at All Things Dog Blog, and our friends at Dogtipper, with all the organizing. We've got sponsors who have made a  yummy donation to Petfinder Foundation, and to celebrate, we'll be having a photo contest, blog hop and major cool prizes.

I helped mom unpack some of them and oh boy do they look good. She's too sneaky for me--put the treats on a top shelf :( Hope you'll join us for the fun.

If you need help learning how to put a football theme on your photo, you can come to our Twitter Party: #SuperDogPics! You can RSVP at this link.

 Our photographer friend, Brett Chisholm of Life and Dog Magazine will be with us to give tips, and mom will be handing MORE prizes. Let me tell ya; she knows how to pack in the loot. She made my boy move out this week, just to make room for all the goodies. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration; my boy was moving out anyway. I miss him, but he visited this morning and made me feel better. There's nothing better than family. And that's what Petfinder is all about. So join us, and consider highlighting an adoptable Petfinder  pet as one of your entries. We know Petfinder would love it!
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