Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WANTED: Dog Blogging Assistant

by Oliver

I've been working my paws to the bone and wondering if it's time to put in my notice with Mom. It's tough work here, but the pay is great; I get fed well! Any advice? Maybe I could just hire an assistant. You available?

Right now we're busy getting ready for #WorkLikeaDog, our Twitter Party on behalf of @ZukesPets. On top of that, last week I had to escort mom to Washington, DC for Blogpaws to be her PR Front Man. It was a lot of work meeting friends and influencing people (and dogs), but I'm definitely the dog for that job. Mom says my wiggle butt attracts everyone, but I personally think that's a bit embarrassing, so don't repeat it.....please.

Meanwhile, Tanner was home playing with my kids and a bunch of family that visited. How exactly is it that I got appointed to work and he got to show off in the pool and play Fetch? Surely you know that's his favorite game, right?

I'm officially putting my job up for grabs if I can't get a reliable assistant. Tanner apparently has ADD and Jacque is out of control hyperactive. Try to get him to pose for a photo review--not happening! Just for today, though, I'm going to tell you about the yummy treats that Mom and Paris will be giving away at the Event Barkers #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party.

But first, did you RSVP yet? Don't forget! You could be the big winner in the RSVP drawing to win a huge package of Zuke's treats.

© Event Barkers
#WorkLikeaDog Prize Packages

Here's the inside track that I got on the prize packages. Mom packs this stuff up on a top shelf to keep Tanner, me and Jacque out of it, but I got Patches to peek, and here's the prize list, including Zuke's best 'Hard Working Treats':

  • 2 bags of Zuke's Mini Naturals
  • 2 bags Zuke's Supers
  • 2 bags Zuke's Hip Action
  • 2 bags Zuke's Power Bones
  • Zuke's tote bag, Tshirt, beverage glass for you
  • Zuke's bandana for your dog
  • A business tie to dress up your pup to head off to work with you on June 21
  • And my fave, a treat pouch for mom or dad to carry your goodies along :)  Ahem! This is VERY important to remember.

courtesy Ruffwear.com
And can you believe there's more! I've overheard mom talking about the Grand Prize. Oh....My....Dog! The Grand Prize winner will be scoring all the loot listed above plus 3 training DVDs, a backpack and a traveling water bowl, to make sure your Fido can carry all his belongings to work and have a watering hole for the day, maybe under your desk?

courtesy Ruffwear.com
Now don't spread this around too much, okay? But here's the deets on the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner, in addition to receiving 3 dog training videos and all that loot above, will get a Ruffwear pack and a Bivy collapsible bowl, perfect for hard working dogs, or dogs at play. Don't forget to bring these along when you head off for a hike in the woods and also when you're going to work with mom or dad.
I suppose you're ready to hit that RSVP link above now, right? Before you head off, I want to make sure you know about the pre-party giveaways. In addition to the RSVP drawing I mentioned earlier, you should check out the PreTweet giveaway and the Rafflecopter drawing. All 3 of these winners will be announced at the beginning of the Twitter Party, but need not be in attendance. They each get the whole package of goodies pictured above. If you're unable to come to our party, this is your next best chance to win these great prizes.

Watch DogTipper.com and All Things Dog Blog for more details as we move closer to the party date. I hear there will be more surprises!

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dogs Take Off to Workplaces in June: We're Ready!

by Oliver
© AllThignsDogBlog.com
Ready for Work
I'm all ready for All Things Dog Blog's #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party. I've got the wardrobe down, had a Linkedin profile photo taken and I'm trying to get Tanner with the program. He says he's not into the businessdog look. He fancies himself a professional Fetcher.

I finally said "Ok, so what sort of Linkedin profile pic are you thinking of?" He offered these two below. Sad, right? I asked him why and he insists he's got different priorities than I do and that I should just respect that. But seriously, Fetch is not a profession.

I'm a blogger. I take that seriously. I help mom with photo modeling, product reviews, Twitter Parties and I'll be acting as her PR front man at Blogpaws.  Any ideas how I can help Tanner get a handle on his professional personna?

His reply to my concerns was that he has a perfectly handsome wetsuit that allows him to fetch year round, so why not show it off? Ugg.

© AllThingsDogBlog.com
Tanner in his Wetsuit
I suggested a more mainstream profession for #WorkLikeaDog and he offered Dock Diving. He insisted that dogs do this on TV. Hopeless, just hopeless.

Any ideas out there? Tanner needs a professional makeover and quick. Offers?
© Brent Boyko
Personal Best Standing Dive

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blogpaws, Here I come!

by Oliver
I did it! I finally talked mom into taking me to Blogpaws. I feel just a teensie bit guilty about Tanner staying behind, but I'll get over that. Besides, as it turns out our family is going to have lots of company while I'm gone and Tanner will have to be the host, guard dog and lifeguard. Oh, and let's not forget the Fetch master. He'd be upset with me if I left that out.

I'm making a list of things he has to do while I'm gone. Can you help me out? Here's my list below. Will you leave me a comment if you have any other ideas. I'm worried that I'll forget something very important.

Tanner's To Do List:
  • Guard the Natural Balance with his life. I've told him this is his number one priority. I don't want to come home and find out that our chow is missing.
  • Keep Jacque from pestering Patches. She's a senior citizen and deserves some peace and quiet.
  • Do the nightly bedcheck to make sure all is well in my kingdom.
  • Put Jacque to bed each night with his blankie. Okay, give him a treat for going to bed nicely.
  • Keep and eye on mom's office. Some of my favorite new products are in there waiting for reviews and Twitter Parties, so it's important to keep them safe from Todd, Marc, Brent and anyone else that might snoop.
  • Get Toni out for her exercise. Our walk to the bank today was super fun. Maybe she'll take you there again. Mom took a video of us coming home:

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