Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dog Recipes Trickling In. Can You Help?

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Dog Recipes Please!
Yay! Our friend Miss Paris sent in a recipe for some delicious treats. Mom posted it over at All Things Dog Blog. Mom's goal is to collect a bunch of recipes into an ebook that we can offer to readers.

Tanner and I plan to be the editors and official taste-testers. That means that today we'll be busy helping with Chicken and Cheese Biscuits. Now that's a job a dog can sink his teeth into!

Would you like to submit a recipe for the All Things Dog Blog cookbook? Mom plans to give away prizes for things like Best recipes, cover photo, and a cookbook name. There have been a few submissions, but until we get the book full enough to put it together, we won't announce any winners. That means you have time.

Have you got a delicious recipe that your Fido loves? Please, won't you share it with us? You can send it to

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Dog-Friendly Ski Resorts!

by Tanner
© reader Kim's copyright on file
Maddy and Granville
Love the Snow
When my mom's friends send pictures of their dogs playing in the snow, I get really jealous. One of these days I want to play in the snow too :(

This picture came from my mom's college friend, Kim, whose Newfoundlands, Maddy and Granville look like great playmates for me. Do you think they would teach me how to make a snowdog?

Today's post over at All Things Dog Blog is a guest post from mom's friend, Carol. She's a writer at FIDO Friendly who is doing a series for All Things Dog Blog on dog-friendly ski resorts. I'm still drooling, but snow skiing is not even on my radar. It's a long drive to a snow resort for us, but maybe one day. :(

 If you are looking for a great place to take your pup along on a ski vacation, Miss Carol is offering up some great advice. Her first post on dog-friendly ski resorts was published at All Things Dog Blog on December 12 and was very popular. Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog, Service Dog...We're so Confused

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
I Provide Lap Therapy

My momma's friend, Miss Joanne, tells her I should be a therapy dog. Does that mean I need to go to therapy? Well, apparently it does mean I need to go to more school. School is fun. I'd like to major in lunch and P.E.

But Assistance Dog and Service Dog sound like more work to me. Maybe we'll leave those jobs to the professionals like mom's friend Carolyn in Colorado and her 3 dogs, who all are involved in serving people. You can read all about Carolyn's Golden Retrievers at K9 Cares. Tanner is gaga over these beautiful dogs!

If you're interested in training a service dog, our trainer, Terry Lynn Cuyler, offers some tips for selecting the right dog in her post at All Things Dog Blog, Selecting a Train-it-Yourself Assistance Dog.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our All-Time Favorite Holiday Video: Don't Miss This!

by Tanner and Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Holidays are About Family
We Miss our Brent!
It's Christmas Day and today we get to watch our favorite video. Have YOU ever seen dogs getting ready for Christmas? This is just too cool. Over at All Things Dog Blog you've just got to watch this adorable video.

These dogs were trained by a European trainer, so you'll notice some foreign language at the beginning, but it won't matter. The fun is in the images. These dogs get the packages ready, put up the tree, decorate it and have a blast doing it.

Speaking of Christmas, we're glad we get our favorite movie today, since we don't have one of our 'boys'. We're sure missing him, but want him to know how much we love him. Come home soon, Brent! P.S. Be sure to bring a 'friend.'

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pup Profiles Popular at All Things Dog Blog

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
I Need Some Shades
like Baxter's
Today's Pup Profile over at All Things Dog Blog is Baxter. He's a cool dude that loves the pool. I couldn't let him get all the attention, so I had to show him I'm a pool boy too! After all, you know what they say about pool boys! They get all the girls.

I do have one thing to ask Baxter. "Where'd you get your cool shades?" I'd like some like that. Wouldn't I look handsome in them? Yeah, dude.

Would you like to show off your pup in a Pup Profile at All Things Dog Blog? Send your pup's picture to our blog email at, along with the answers to these 4 questions:

  1. What is your nickname?
  2. What is the thing you hate most?
  3. What was your most embarrassing moment?
  4. What is your favorite physical activity(ies)?
Be sure to include your real name too. We just like to know!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silly but Fun. Watch our Friends Get Ready for the Holidays...

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Don't Miss this Holiday Video
You really must click over to All Things Dog Blog to see the pups getting ready for the holidays. Our mom has a great video that you will enjoy (even though she has not fooled us for a minute!) Check it out and you'll see what I mean. Happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can I Tattle? Tanner has Stolen Mom's New Pillow!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Where's a Pillow
When I Need It?
Tanner loves pillows. When our Mom made her cute puppy print pillow today at All Things Dog Blog, she tucked it into a backpack to take along on a trip. Next thing ya know....Tanner had it out and was dragging it around the house. Retrievers! They're so funny.

It's a cute pillow that you can make too. She calls it DIY--Do It Yourself!

Mom also made us some cool tug toys. She likes making dog stuff. I don't think she intended Tanner to take her pillow, though. I'll go reprimand him....right after I take a nap.
© Carrie Boyko
I'm Glad I Live in Florida!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow please?

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
No Snow Here :(
Every time I see a picture of a dog in snow I feel a little tinge of jealousy. The nice lady from FIDO Friendly has written a series of posts for All Things Dog Blog on ski resorts that are dog-friendly. The second post is running today and mom seems very pleased. We sure wish we could go snow skiing, but there's no snow in Florida. Imagine that?!!

These posts are good news for all you pups out there that don't want to be left behind on a ski vacation. After all, isn't there a saying about "Leave no dog behind?" I'd like to go too. Who can pick me up?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yay! Fewer Shots....We love Dr. Pat!

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko
Did you read Dr. Pat's post today? Great news! Lots of us pups may be getting more vaccinations that we really need. Dr. Pat says that we don't all need to have EVERY vaccination EVERY year. That's great news.

Our mom is really into reducing the toxins in our bodies, so her ears perked up just like ours do sometimes. Mine didn't in this picture--boo!

So, if you're into living a more natural lifestyle, you might want to click over to All Things Dog Blog to see what Dr. Pat has to say about this. We think it's good to have choices. Thanks Dr. Pat!

We're Rolling Back our Shot Schedule!

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko

We love Dr. Pat more and more. Every time she writes a post for All Things Dog Blog, we seem to get more good news. Our mom has been working at going green in everything, and Dr. Pat is going to help. She's not recommending that we have ALL of the vaccines EVERY year. Yeah!

Of course it is different for each dog. I'm a big healthy guy who lives in a low-toxin home. That should make me a low risk, right? I'm starting to like this going green stuff. What about you?

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Dogs? Is that Possible?

by Tanner and Oliver
© A. Boyko
Shopping in Winter Park
Tanner and I are having a bit of confusion. Mom posted an article today at All Things Dog Blog about new "breeds" that were recently approved by the AKC. Surely you can see why we're a bit confused. Here are the facts:
  • Dogs all come from wolves; all that's different is that we each have a different outfit. What's the deal with "breeds"?
  • Who is AKC? Mom says they are the American Kennel Club. We're a bit lost here, too. What's a kennel? We have crates that someone once referred to as our kennel. Can crates have clubs? 
  • Finally, how can a kennel approve a dog, when the dog already exists as a real living animal, and a kennel is just a bedroom for a pup? 
This is simply baffling. Anybody got a clue? We're dogs. Adopt us. Love us. Take care of us. We don't need clubs, approvals or breeds. That's like, what....a category? We hope someone can straighten all you guys out and understand that a dog just wants somebody to love. Watch the video at this link and you'll get an idea of what pet bloggers like us are trying to accomplish. We need to all Be the Change! Ideas? Leave a comment!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Much for Snow Fun; I'll Stick to Swimming Here in Florida

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
One Thing Great about Florida--
Year Round Swimming Fun

The FIDO Friendly series of posts about snow ski resorts sure did have me drooling. Oliver just kept hunkering down deeper into his bed. I guess if we ever get to go North, I'll be playing outside alone. Mom? C'mon!

For now, I'm lucky to be able to swim year round, since the water stays a comfortable 72 degrees in my pool, even during snow ski season. I'm still bucking for a trip to snow country, but I guess it won't be happening this year. Bummer :(

Anybody for a swim?

Friday, December 10, 2010

We're Being the Change

by Oliver
(c) Carrie Boyko
Toys, Food, Music, Treats, Bandanas
and Reading for New Owners
Mom has been fundraising for a local rescue that just got a bunch of labs--257 to be exact. Can you imagine?

We have some wonderful readers at All Things Dog Blog that donate time to the Little Dog Rescue here in Central Florida. They're collecting things for the small pups, so mom and I had fun collecting all these goodies.

I had a hard time focusing on the camera; the treats and food samples and toys were taking my attention away.  But I did get to show off one of MANKINDdog's bandanas. Even us little dogs like to look like boys, not sissies! I look handsome, right?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dogs Don't Judge; We Love Unconditionally

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
Dogs Love Unconditionally
Today my mom published a letter to a reader at All Things Dog Blog. This reader wrote to her about feeling guilty because she was comparing her dogs. I have a few thoughts on that to share.

Yes, dogs have thoughts. Maybe not like yours, but we do think. I know that I love Tiffany, my friend in this picture. Even if she doesn't visit me for months at a time, I still love her when she does. If she visits every day, I still love her. If she ignores me, I still love her.

I guess it's a dog thing, but I just wanted you to know. Whomever loves us will get that love back and more. That's the way we dogs are.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There She Goes Again!

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko
The First Giveaway in a
Series of Free Dog Books 

Have I told you how much Oliver and I love to hear stories? We really do. When we ride to Gram's or the dog park, mom always plays stories on her CD player thingy. It's soothing to us to listen to, just like Lisa Spector's Music for your Canine Companion. We like that music for naptime and whenever we have excitement that we can't control.

When mom came home this past weekend with a box full of books we were excited. That is, until we learned that she is going to give them all away to YOU!

Mom has books for kids and books for adults and books for tiny children, and they're all about dogs. Perfect reading material for the holidays and we won't get to participate.  Well, except in some of the photos maybe. That's not so much fun as getting read to.

If you're interested in getting free books, check out our mom's post over at All Things Dog Blog to learn how you can win one. They're going fast, so don't waste any time. Good luck!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mom's Giving our Toys Away? Sorry, No Hints Available!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Cool Hiding Places
in this Toy!

I got the memo. Mom wants me to give you guys some hints to help you solve her puzzle at All Things Dog Blog. The problem is that when you solve the puzzle, she's going to give our toys away. Sorry. I'm hints here. You'll have to catch me sometime when Mom is giving away medicine or poop bags. Good luck.

© Carrie Boyko
The Star Spinner

Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Not Choose a Small Dog?

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Small Dogs Bond Quickly
There she goes again....running on about stuff that irritates me. Mom is actually talking about the pros (duh!) and CONS (is she kidding?) of owning a small dog. Seriously....what's not to love about a small dog?

Do I eat too much? No
Do I take up too much space? No
Do I pull your arm off on the walk? No
Do I win all the tug games? No
Am I cute? Yes!!!!
Am I easy to cuddle with? Yes

So, what else is there? Let's get over it already and realize that little dogs are the bomb. We're adorable and lovable and cute and cuddly...everything an owner could possibly want. Right? Case closed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loving My Crate....Please Tell the Schnauzer Mom that Crates are Great!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
My Safe, Cozy Crate
Trainer Mike is a nice guy; he helps us with the Ask the Dog Trainer column at All Things Dog Blog. He's trying to help out a dog owner that is having trouble getting a Schnauzer to snooze. I hear the Schnauzer likes a crate, so what's the confusion? My crate is my bedroom--sort of--only better. I can see, but no one will step on me while I lay in my bed. What could be better?

Actually I don't call it a crate. I call it "Nite Nite". When Mom says go "Nite Nite", I scamper there so fast she's left in my dust. I always get a little treat for going there, and that's all it takes.

I also like to spend time in my crate when I'm sleepy. After a long walk or a visit to the dog park, I usually take a long nap in my crate, er Nite Nite. Ahhhh! It's sooo peaceful to sleep after running and playing. Don't you think?

I Lost? When? Where? How?

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
I Can't Face the Camera
I guess the title of this post should be "I fought the ball and the ball won". I'm so embarrassed. I tried for 30 minutes to get the green ball out of the middle of the purple ball, but gosh-golly, I just couldn't. I challenge you to try sure to let me know the secret!

Mom is further embarrassing me by talking about it over at All Things Dog Blog, and to top that off she has guest-posted a slideshow of my drama on Dogtipper

I'm going to have to set some ground rules about these photo sessions, I guess. Or maybe I'll just eat the camera. Yeah!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holistic Dog Food Finally Defined

by Tanner and Oliver
(c) Carrie Boyko
Loving the Natural Life

"HOLISTIC":  Look it up in the dictionary and you'll find something like 'considering the mind, body and spirit'. Our own Dr. Pat is a holistic veterinarian. That's pretty easy for us to understand.

Today, over at All Things Dog Blog, Dr. Pat is explaining how food can be considered 'holistic.' Mom says Tanner and I are a spirited two-some, but that certainly does not make us holistic. It's so confusing! Thank goodness Dr. Pat is helping folks understand what holistic dog food is and how it is good for us.

"Hey Mom; can we read the ingredients on our dog food bag again? We just gotta make sure."
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