Friday, November 15, 2013

A Message About Joint Health from Tanner

by Tanner, with help from
Mom and Miss Paris have been very busy finding fun new ways to share the message of healthy treating with Zuke's. As I age, my hips may be prone to trouble. It's a problem that plagues many larger dogs, like Retrievers. Mom does all she can to assure that I don't have problems, like giving me Hip Action treats that supplement my diet with extra Glucosamine, Chondroitin and egg shell membrane. Sounds like medicine, right? Wrong!
Swimming: Also Good for Hips and Health
Hip Action Treats by Zuke's are super tasty. Even Oliver, whose hips are teensie weensie, loves to sneak a
nibble of my Hip Action treats. Mom looked up info on Papillons and learned that they are also prone to knee problems like lux patella, giving her yet another reason to buy Hip Action for us. Way to go Oliver!

My advice is to learn more about your dog's potential for hip or joint problems based on his breed or his mix. Ask your veterinarian for advice. And serve Zuke's Hip Action treats regularly as a healthy preventative. Your dog will love you for it!

Blogging Saves My Knees Too :)

Now we hope you'll enjoy our brief message about senior dogs and Hip Action Treats:

In our work with Event Barkers, All Things Dog Blog and are helping promote Zuke's healthy dog treats. Join us on Friday, November 29 for the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party at 12 PM ET to have a chance at winning 10 great prize packages that each will include at least $100 in Zuke's treats. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Fido Readers are Speaking....

Wordless Wednesday comes to you from @chellesy1 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Social Media Fun with Zuke's

by Oliver

My Zuke's hayride was supposed to have started a while ago. I'm wondering where the driver of this wagon has gone. Hmmm......Mom!

Oh well; I guess I could take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest technology here on 5 Minutes for Fido: the Giveaway Tools widget. It should be down there at the bottom of the post, asking you to enter your name and email address. Don't worry, Mom over at All Things Dog Blog assures me your email won't be used for anything except getting in touch with you when you win. That's okay with you, right?

This new widget is the latest in giveaway gadgets. We used to use one named after a helicopter, but this new one has a few extra features we're trying out. Let us know what you think. Did it wake up for you easily? Sometimes Mom says she has to tickle it to come alive by clicking on the post title. NBD, I guess.

So here's the deal. In this new widget you get to choose your entries. There are lots of choices, so just do the ones you like. I liked the one where Mom could put my picture in this cute Zuke's frame. Don't I look handsome? Too bad I can't enter; but YOU can! You actually get points for putting your dog's picture in a frame that WE MADE FOR YOU. It doesn't get any easier than this!

There are lots of other ways to enter also, like Tweeting, social media follows, pinning, and Vine or Instagram videos. FYI, we'll be picking one video to win a $100 Gift Certificate that you can spend on anything you want--seriously!  

Not into Vine or Instagram yet? It's okay. I'm not either. But Mom and our partner Miss Paris will be posting How To's on doing these. Want to get started right away? Check out this quick starter on Vine. Mom says that it only takes 2 minutes to make and post a video that will get you the maximum allowable points--whatever that means. She says it's fun, so that works for me. A guy's got to trust his mom, ya know?

Video entries will need to follow 3 Event Barkers rules to be entered: (1) They must be Tweeted, (2) They need to add this statement, including the hashtags: "I #FueltheLove on #BarkFriday with @ZukesPets."  and (3) the theme must be related to dog activities--any type of activity. I'm wondering if afternoon naps count as an activity? Hmmm....I'll have to ask Mom about that. She'll be around with her iPhone soon so maybe it's time for a snooze. I'll keep you posted.

Let's review some of the basics of the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party and then I'll let you get to your entries:

Sponsor:  @ZukesPets (think super yummy, USA-made treats)
Hosts:  @AllThingsDog, @EventBarkers, @DogTipper, @5MinutesforFido (that's me!), and @ToDogWithLove. That's my friend Rocco's mom; I love to do zoomies with Rocco at conference hotels!
Date:  Friday, November 29, 2013
Time:  12 PM ET - 1:30 PM ET (right after your Black Friday early morning shopping!)
Venue Option--TweetChat room:
Prizes:  $1000+ in Zuke's treats plus dog toys for all winners
Bonus:  One winner will be chosen for a $100 Gift Certificate for their Video entry. Don't miss this chance to win big in the cash department.

Note to Party Participants:  This Twitter Party has a highly-unusual 2 hashtags. Please be sure to copy this hashtag onto your clipboard before you begin the party. This way you can paste it into each Tweet as you chat during the event. See you at #BarkFriday #FueltheLove!

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. Watch for more excitement with a Blog Hop of assorted giveaways and newsy topics about Zuke's to open here on Friday, November 15.

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Deets on Pet PreTweets for #BarkFriday #FueltheLove

artfully written by Oliver

Tanner Gets Photo Opp with Zuke's Prizes
Okay, I get that I'm not too terribly talented with the camera. I do a better job when I'm in the image, but Tanner seems to have gotten that lucky job of SpokesModel this time. I suppose that's because our mom over at All Things Dog Blog was taking the photo while I was laboring over preparing this post. Sigh.

No matter. I'm playing my blogger role again today, offering you more ways to PreTweet the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party to help you win that wagon full of 15 bags of Zuke's treats. One lucky Tweeter (is that a word?) will grab all 15 bags plus a holiday toy for their dog. That's no chump change!

Good luck in your efforts to win this prize. Here are some Tweets for you to share with your furiends on Twitter:

Before you head off, there's a couple of important tips I can offer for you to improve your odds of winning and have more fun doing it:
  • RSVP in yesterday's post here.
  • Check out our partners on this event for more info as well as additional Tweets to up your chances:,,
  • Watch for tomorrow's post when we'll reveal the rafflecopter makeover. Mom says we now call it the Social Media Giveaway; I'm so confused! Enter this and you'll have a chance to win another prize package of 15 bags of Zuke's with a dog toy. But wait; there's more!  We're also dangling a $100 Gift Card as a cash carrot. To win this big shopping spree opportunity, you just need to spend 2 minutes taking a 6-second video with Vine and Tweeting it with the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove hashtags. Be sure to include them both!
  • The Social Media giveaway will include a ton of other fun ways to enter, including sharing a framed pic of your pup and much more. See you tomorrow to extend the fun until #BarkFriday #FueltheLove on November 29.
And don't forget that you can also find Zuke's on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!

Note to Party Participants: This Twitter Party has a highly-unusual 2 hashtags. Please be sure to copy this hashtag onto your clipboard before you begin the party. This way you can paste it into each Tweet as you chat during the event. See you at #BarkFriday #FueltheLove.

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. Watch for more excitement with a Blog Hop of assorted giveaways and newsy topics about Zuke's to open here on Friday, November 15.

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, November 1, 2013

We're Joining the Zuke's #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party

by Oliver

Tanner and I are all about good treats, especially the ones that help to keep us healthy. So we're joining up with the Event Barkers gang to help promote the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party. I get to be one of the cohosts and talk about having fun during the holidays. It's a tough gig, but somepuppy has to do it. It sure won't be Tanner. He's just not too up on Twitter.

Watch our buddies for more information on all these goings on. I think they do a better job than I do at getting the inside track:,,

Your part is pretty much the same as mine, except you get to have a chance to win prizes. Me? Not so much. All you have to do to have a bunch of chances to win are (1) RSVP below, and (2) join us on Twitter at 12 PM ET on November 29. Mom calls that day Black Friday, but I think she made a typo on the party name. Anyways, I think #BarkFriday is much more appropriate since I love to bark. Don't forget that there's 2 hashtags this time: #BarkFriday #FueltheLove.

Can you "Speak"? That's one of my favorite skills. Mom says we'll be taking a Vine video of me speaking and that our party participants can enter to win prizes by posting a Vine video of their dog in any activity. More details on that to come Sunday. Be sure to come back and read up.

Tomorrow I'll have some Tweets for you to share. You can also win by Tweeting about this treat-filled party. I've got all the instructions for embedding (did I spell that right?) my Tweets right here. You'll be able to send out these Tweets with one click, and you won't even need opposable thumbs.

Before I move on to the RSVP, don't forget that you can also find Zuke's on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram where you'll see lots of active dogs.

Here's an example of how to fill in the RSVP form below. See you tomorrow for more deets on Tweets!

 photo SampleRSVPEntry_zps765fe03b.png

Note to Party Participants: This Twitter Party has a highly-unusual 2 hashtags. Please be sure to copy this hashtag onto your clipboard before you begin the party. This way you can paste it into each Tweet as you chat during the event. See you at #BarkFriday #FueltheLove .

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. Watch for more excitement with a Blog Hop of assorted giveaways and newsy topics about Zuke's to open here on Friday, November 15.

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pets Get Bewitched with Coupaw

by Oliver
Excuse me while I catch my breath here. Huff; puff!  I just got wind of the fact that Mom is pulling out all the stops on this #Pet1stAid Twitter Party tomorrow and I'm busy running from her. I do not want to be her guinea pig. Let Tanner take that job!

Now that I've found a hideout in my girl's closet, I'm good to go. I want to tell you about our Halloween Twitter Party sponsored by Coupaw. They apparently have a bunch of Halloween costumes and other cool stuff for this dress up holiday. Mom and Miss Paris will be helping to find forever homes for their costumes by running a Twitter Party and promoting them. Sounds like fun; I'm in!

You get to do more than just win prizes. Our new friend Miss Arden (aka @ArdenKnowsPets) will also be there to share tips on safety for pets on Halloween night. I have to say that I think this is a very important job. Once on Halloween our neighborhood bear wandered down the street and mom had to take charge of getting the children to go home and be safe. I'm glad I was inside where a 10-pound dog isn't at risk of being stepped on in the dark. Whew!

First things first; let's get you all signed up and properly RSVP'd. Once that's done you'll need to hustle over to Coupaw and subscribe to receive their daily deals. They have, like, 5 new deals every day; it's amazing. And their shipping is free too! Mom says all the Halloween costumes cost less than $25 so what are you waiting on? Hmmm....I wonder how far my allowance will go? I'd like to be a Superhero. What do you think?

After you RSVP below (mom provided me with a sample for you to follow), be sure to stop over at After that, you'll probably want to join in the PreTweeting and the Raffle giveaway. There's so much to do to have fun for Halloween. Enjoy!

 photo SampleRSVPEntry_zps765fe03b.png

Through All Things Dog Blog's Event Barkers partnership with we are helping Coupaw promote their Halloween costumes and themed pet items. This giveaway is exclusively for U.S. addresses.

PreTweeting for Pet Halloween Prizes

by Oliver
Sexy Starlet!
I'm trying to avoid looking at the costume in this post. Mom says it's for grown ups and I'm not old enough to see a girl dressed this way. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but this I know: Bulldogs
aren't my type. I'll have to let Homer know about this. Maybe he'd like his girlfriend to get this costume.

Who's Homer? He's a friend from the dog park. He's cool, but his curves are not in the same places at that lady up there. Oops; there I go again looking. My bad!

I better get down to business. I'm supposed to be sharing some Tweets with you for RTing about #Coupaween. Did you hear about our Halloween Twitter Party sponsored by @Coupaw? I'm so excited! You can read more about the details at Mom's post on All Things Dog Blog. I better get to the Tweets:
You can find more Tweets at Mom's All Things Dog Blog, and also at our cohost sites: DogTipper and CatTipper. And don't forget to join in the Raffle giveaway also. Have fun!

Before I leave, I have one more assignment. Mom says I have to tell you about some rules stuff: (1) You have to be signed up with Coupaw to receive daily deals in order to win, and (2) Don't forget to RSVP for the party. That enters you to win the first 2 prizes--score!

Finally, don't forget to check out Coupaw's other social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

  • All Things Dog Blog is working with in their Event Barkers partnership to help promote Coupaw's Halloween products. I'm just helping out :) This giveaway is exclusively for U.S. addresses.

    Halloween Raffle Giveaway

    by Oliver
    Photos courtesy
    Halloween Fun is happening here!  You can enter to win a Halloween costume or other Halloween item from Coupaw in the Raffle drawing to be done from the widget at the bottom of this post. Mom tells me it's sorta like the Rafflecopter she used to use. Hopefully you know what that's all about; I'm clueless.

    What I do understand is that this giveaway is part of the #Coupaween Twitter Party to be held on October 1. Mom says I'll be Tweeting the night away about Halloween costumes and sharing some of our photos. I hope there are not any embarrassing ones in her collection!

    So, here's the deal. You enter in the giveaway widget below, using those entries that you'd like to join in on. You are not obligated to use all the entry methods. Just have fun!

    There are a couple of things you'll need to know to increase your chances of winning. One is that you
    need to sign up for Coupaw's daily deals by visiting their website. When you get there you'll see that you actually can't see the deals until you fill in your email. Then they will appear and you'll see lots of cool stuff at great prices. They add new deals every day so you can save big bucks. What's more, you'll get an entry here for signing up. Good luck!

    Speaking of money, you can also win Coupaw bucks to spend on their site at our #Coupaween Twitter Party. You can sign up to attend right here on my site!

    Want to learn more about Coupaw? Watch for more deets (like my Twitter-eze?) at All Things Dog Blog and visit Coupaw's other social media pages:
    All Things Dog Blog is working with in their Event Barkers partnership to help promote Coupaw's Halloween products. I'm just helping out :)  This drawing is exclusively for U.S. winners.

    Saturday, August 3, 2013

    Happy Barkday to Tanner....

    by Oliver
    Birthday Party Rainouts
    All joshing aside, I have to admit that I'm kind of fond of my housemate and best bud, Tanner. This past week he had a birthday. Mom and I planned a party, meeting a group of our friends at one of our favorite play spots, and of course the worse did happen. We got rained out.

    Just as we arrived, the thunderheads opened up and darkness descended. I can hardly believe that mom was able to snap these pics in the back end of her Prius. You can certainly see that it was dark.

    So much for birthday parties. The good news? See the cupcakes we had? Tanner and I ate
    Tailgate Birthday Parties Still Fun
    them all. Yup! Well, in truth, one fell out of the car into the dirt, but I got 2 and Tanner got the rest. They were awesome. Mom topped them with a piece of our Natural Balance Organic kibble to make sure we understood they were food. Who did she think we were? I have a nose that has been certified at the top of the class. Really! More about that soon.

    So now that Tanner is 7, any tips on how I should be treating him? Do I have to curtsy or call him "Sir"? I don't see that happening. I hear that dogs are sometimes considered seniors at 7; sounds awfully early to me. And frankly, when I see Tanner take off after the ball at the dog park, there's no sign of an aging dog there. Let's hope it remains that way for many happy years to come. Happy Birthday Tanner. You're my main man.

    Watch for upcoming posts at All Things Dog Blog, when mom returns from her tour of Natural Balance. We can't wait to hear all about what she learned.

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    The Cats are Coming! The Cats are Coming!

    by Oliver
    Patches Arrives with News

    So apparently Mom has gone and done it again. It's mutiny, I tell you. This time she has given Patches permission to promote a cat litter Twitter Party on my blog. Has she read the title of this blog? I just don't understand these two.

    Worse yet, since she has no blogging skills whatsoever, Mom has instructed me to be her scribe. I'm just appalled at the idea, but let's get it over with. Here's the deal:

    Mom, Patches and Miss Paris' crew at are collaborating with Swheat Scoop on a #LitterChat Twitter Party. It's that super Eco-friendly, naturally-processed kitty litter that Mom loves because it is not so dusty when she fills the box. I guess Mom sneezes less when she uses it so that's one benefit. She says there are more, and we should watch for her posts about the green features of Swheat Scoop.

    For now, we'll just stick to the important journalistic stuff: who, what, where, when, why and how. Most of it
    is on the badge you see here. As usual, Mom's badge did not cover important stuff like why and how, so I've got a few more details to share before I hit the publish button and tell Patches to skedaddle.

    Just like the cool dog products we do Twitter Parties for, apparently this kitty litter is widely used and popular with the felines and their families. So Mom and Paris plan to share that news along with tips on kittybox issues.

    I have a kittybox issue; I'm not allowed to go near it. That's definitely an issue! To me that kitty box looks like a salad bar, full of little protein nuggets. I really don't quite understand Mom's logic, but she tells me that that's Patches space and I must respect it.

    I have to admit that she rewards me well when I do what she asks. Anytime she sees me watching Patches in her private space without entering, Mom gives me a super yummy Natural Balance treat. We have a nice assortment here since they sponsor All Things Dog Blog. Partnerships have their perks, but I digress.

    Mom says I'm supposed to invite you all to join us for the party where you'll get lots of litterbox tips (Will she share how I can get to it without being scolded?), info about Swheat Scoop and its benefits, and some really hot prizes.  She hasn't told me what the prizes are yet, but I peeked so I'm going to spill.

    Mom, Paris and the Swheat Scoop folks have collected some pretty slick stuff, if you're a cat, that is. They've got a fancy-schmancy scratching tower for bird watching, litterbox organizers and accessories, some expensive, high class litter boxes for picky kitties, and most important, they've got a ton of Swheat Scoop cat litter.

    Come a little closer so I can whisper. They're actually going to give away a year's worth of kitty litter to the Grand Prize winner, and that winner gets more great cat stuff. There's even toys!

    Oh oh! Tanner heard me say that out loud. He's coming, so I'm hitting the publish button and hiding. He'll be looking all over for the toys.

    Learn more about Swheat Scoop here:


    Don't forget you have to sign up at the RSVP form at All Things Dog Blog. I don't really get that whole RSVP thing. Hopefully you do. Good luck with your cat party; I hope I can get out of it. I'm really not into Tweeting about kitty products, ya know?

    Oops, one last responsibility. Patches wants you to help her share the news by clicking this Tweet:

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    WANTED: Dog Blogging Assistant

    by Oliver

    I've been working my paws to the bone and wondering if it's time to put in my notice with Mom. It's tough work here, but the pay is great; I get fed well! Any advice? Maybe I could just hire an assistant. You available?

    Right now we're busy getting ready for #WorkLikeaDog, our Twitter Party on behalf of @ZukesPets. On top of that, last week I had to escort mom to Washington, DC for Blogpaws to be her PR Front Man. It was a lot of work meeting friends and influencing people (and dogs), but I'm definitely the dog for that job. Mom says my wiggle butt attracts everyone, but I personally think that's a bit embarrassing, so don't repeat it.....please.

    Meanwhile, Tanner was home playing with my kids and a bunch of family that visited. How exactly is it that I got appointed to work and he got to show off in the pool and play Fetch? Surely you know that's his favorite game, right?

    I'm officially putting my job up for grabs if I can't get a reliable assistant. Tanner apparently has ADD and Jacque is out of control hyperactive. Try to get him to pose for a photo review--not happening! Just for today, though, I'm going to tell you about the yummy treats that Mom and Paris will be giving away at the Event Barkers #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party.

    But first, did you RSVP yet? Don't forget! You could be the big winner in the RSVP drawing to win a huge package of Zuke's treats.

    © Event Barkers
    #WorkLikeaDog Prize Packages

    Here's the inside track that I got on the prize packages. Mom packs this stuff up on a top shelf to keep Tanner, me and Jacque out of it, but I got Patches to peek, and here's the prize list, including Zuke's best 'Hard Working Treats':

    • 2 bags of Zuke's Mini Naturals
    • 2 bags Zuke's Supers
    • 2 bags Zuke's Hip Action
    • 2 bags Zuke's Power Bones
    • Zuke's tote bag, Tshirt, beverage glass for you
    • Zuke's bandana for your dog
    • A business tie to dress up your pup to head off to work with you on June 21
    • And my fave, a treat pouch for mom or dad to carry your goodies along :)  Ahem! This is VERY important to remember.

    And can you believe there's more! I've overheard mom talking about the Grand Prize. Oh....My....Dog! The Grand Prize winner will be scoring all the loot listed above plus 3 training DVDs, a backpack and a traveling water bowl, to make sure your Fido can carry all his belongings to work and have a watering hole for the day, maybe under your desk?

    Now don't spread this around too much, okay? But here's the deets on the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner, in addition to receiving 3 dog training videos and all that loot above, will get a Ruffwear pack and a Bivy collapsible bowl, perfect for hard working dogs, or dogs at play. Don't forget to bring these along when you head off for a hike in the woods and also when you're going to work with mom or dad.
    I suppose you're ready to hit that RSVP link above now, right? Before you head off, I want to make sure you know about the pre-party giveaways. In addition to the RSVP drawing I mentioned earlier, you should check out the PreTweet giveaway and the Rafflecopter drawing. All 3 of these winners will be announced at the beginning of the Twitter Party, but need not be in attendance. They each get the whole package of goodies pictured above. If you're unable to come to our party, this is your next best chance to win these great prizes.

    Watch and All Things Dog Blog for more details as we move closer to the party date. I hear there will be more surprises!

    Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure

    Sunday, May 12, 2013

    Dogs Take Off to Workplaces in June: We're Ready!

    by Oliver
    Ready for Work
    I'm all ready for All Things Dog Blog's #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party. I've got the wardrobe down, had a Linkedin profile photo taken and I'm trying to get Tanner with the program. He says he's not into the businessdog look. He fancies himself a professional Fetcher.

    I finally said "Ok, so what sort of Linkedin profile pic are you thinking of?" He offered these two below. Sad, right? I asked him why and he insists he's got different priorities than I do and that I should just respect that. But seriously, Fetch is not a profession.

    I'm a blogger. I take that seriously. I help mom with photo modeling, product reviews, Twitter Parties and I'll be acting as her PR front man at Blogpaws.  Any ideas how I can help Tanner get a handle on his professional personna?

    His reply to my concerns was that he has a perfectly handsome wetsuit that allows him to fetch year round, so why not show it off? Ugg.

    Tanner in his Wetsuit
    I suggested a more mainstream profession for #WorkLikeaDog and he offered Dock Diving. He insisted that dogs do this on TV. Hopeless, just hopeless.

    Any ideas out there? Tanner needs a professional makeover and quick. Offers?
    © Brent Boyko
    Personal Best Standing Dive

    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    Blogpaws, Here I come!

    by Oliver
    I did it! I finally talked mom into taking me to Blogpaws. I feel just a teensie bit guilty about Tanner staying behind, but I'll get over that. Besides, as it turns out our family is going to have lots of company while I'm gone and Tanner will have to be the host, guard dog and lifeguard. Oh, and let's not forget the Fetch master. He'd be upset with me if I left that out.

    I'm making a list of things he has to do while I'm gone. Can you help me out? Here's my list below. Will you leave me a comment if you have any other ideas. I'm worried that I'll forget something very important.

    Tanner's To Do List:
    • Guard the Natural Balance with his life. I've told him this is his number one priority. I don't want to come home and find out that our chow is missing.
    • Keep Jacque from pestering Patches. She's a senior citizen and deserves some peace and quiet.
    • Do the nightly bedcheck to make sure all is well in my kingdom.
    • Put Jacque to bed each night with his blankie. Okay, give him a treat for going to bed nicely.
    • Keep and eye on mom's office. Some of my favorite new products are in there waiting for reviews and Twitter Parties, so it's important to keep them safe from Todd, Marc, Brent and anyone else that might snoop.
    • Get Toni out for her exercise. Our walk to the bank today was super fun. Maybe she'll take you there again. Mom took a video of us coming home:

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Why Can't Dogs Have Fish?

    by Tanner
    courtesy K.M.
    My First Catch--A Fresh One

    I'm frustrated today. Last night when me and the two squirts went outside for our last evening constitution, I immediately caught the scent of FISH. Yes! I rushed to the bush where I smelled my prize, resting at the bottom of a large pine tree. Apparently the hawks nesting above had dropped it or it fell overboard. I don't care which; I was simply thrilled to snag this delicious-smelling treat.

    I had to be a bit trickier this time. The first time I managed to get myself a fish, mom was sneaky and used the "DROP IT"  command on me. No fair!

    So instead of parading around showing off my catch, this time I hurried back to the door and waited for it to open so I could go inside and hide my treasure. I remember that Xena used to have a terrific spot for hiding stolen slices of pizza--under Dad's pillow. I like that because it's safe there till bedtime. I had my plan and was prepared to implement.

    Oliver and Jacque took their time about returning to open the door. I tucked my snout down so Mom wouldn't notice my tagalong, and wagged my tail, giving every sign that I was ready to go inside. You'd think I was in the clear, right? But no! Mom somehow figured out that I had a prize. She made me sit and let the little ones inside. Dad grabbed a large, thick, enzyme-treated rawhide strip. Oh my dog, do I love those things!

    Dad waved it in front of my nose and my mouth reflexively opened as he popped the strip into it, and mom quickly snapped up the aromatic fish I had dropped when they tricked me.  Sigh. We don't even have a photo this time. Mom hurried off to dispose of the best snack I've ever scored and I was left to make sure that the rawhide was not absconded by my two minuscule housemates.

    The upside is they didn't get a rawhide strip and were probably wondering why I did. Hehehe! I think they both missed the whole event, but this morning when we walked out for our early morning potty run Jacque was the first to catch the scent. He sniffed around the front porch, scratching at the rug and looking for something to pick up. "Nothing left, dude. Mom got rid of it already :( "

    I guess Jacque will be putting on his cute act for a Tillman Treat now. After all, there's no fish left for him. Hey, maybe that's a good idea. Tillman Treats are easier to catch and mom doesn't take them away. She actually says they're good for me. Catch ya later!

    Mom's busy writing her own post about my fishing expedition, no doubt, and I'm sure her story will go a bit differently. Check it out at All Things Dog Blog.

    Sunday, April 21, 2013

    Mutiny! Tanner is Going to Blogpaws?

    by Oliver
    Hard, Hard Work!
    I work. I slave. I sit cute for photos. I test treats and toys and clothing. I couldn't possibly do more for All Things Dog Blog. And now I'm being slapped in the snout.

    Just as I start hearing the word Blogpaws again, I suddenly learn that it is not cute little me that is going along. Instead, mom is planning on taking jumbo sized Tanner. Seriously? How exactly is he going to fit into that airline traveler, no matter how many mesh windows it has? He makes no secret of the fact that he weighs 70 lbs. I've got to figure this one out.

    I've warned Tanner, but he says he has it all under control. He assures me that he and Mom are taking a road trip so they can visit our boys along the way. Sigh. I want to go too! Perhaps I should rally those boys and get some lobbying help. This is a serious cry for assistance. Can you help me? Please, oh please, just leave my mom a note on her Facebook page or send her a Tweet. Here's a Tweet you can RT to get the message across. Thank for any help you can provide!

    What's worse than not getting to go to Blogpaws is that I've got to  stay behind to babysit the 'cousin'. You know, Jacque. He is living with us right now and I guess I've been nominated to puppysit. Well, somepuppy (me!) has to keep him occupied while Momma goes on walkabout with Tanner, I suppose. Patches certainly is not up to the task. She'd sooner swipe his snout off than put up with his childish antics. He needs a bit of help in the 'senior manners' department. I guess I'll be playing school while Tanner is off hobnobbing with the Natural Balance crew. Double sigh.

    Sunday, April 7, 2013

    #PetBrandChat Has Oliver Rallyin

    by Oliver
    It's Classtime. This is Twitter 101
    Oliver here. As usual, Tanner is out by the pool enjoying some wet stuff while I'm working my paws to the bone. Bone? Where? Oh wait, I gotta stay focused. It's classtime.

    Attention, Jacque. You've got to learn this stuff, dude. If you're going to live under my roof, it's essential that you get schooled in some basic Twitter verbage. Open your laptop and let's get started.

    © AllThingsDogBlog
    Jacque Listens in Class
    Good, now sign onto Do you know your password? C'mon, Jacque. Get with it bud. I think it's XXXXXXX. Yeah, that's right. Do you see your avatar? Good.

    Now, let's learn how to set up your Twitter page so you can watch our #PetBrandChat feed. Then you won't get so confused by other Tweets during the event. Here is how it's done: See the search box at the top of your page?  Just put our hashtag in that box and hit enter. Viola!

    No Sleeping in Class, Jacque!
    You're now looking at a column of Tweets that are all using the #PetBrandChat hashtag. Cool, huh? Just remember that I invented that technique and let's move on.

    Now a few tips for Tweeting during the party.  Wake up! Take notes:

    • RT important Tweets so everyone is sure to see them.
    • Leave room for RTs to include all characters by sticking to no more than 130 characters.
    • Always use the #PetBrandChat hashtag to be sure everyone at the chat can see your Tweets.
    • And don't forget that Tweets can never ever have more than 140 characters, or the end of them will fall off the page, err disappear somewhere. That's always bad.
    • Want to reply to someone's question? Hit the reply button and your Tweet will go straight to them. Be sure to include the hashtag so others can follow the conversation.
    • No, Tanner does not have his own Twitter handle. He's Twitter challenged! @5MinutesforFido is run by me. That's important because you and I know that Papillons are the smartest dogs on the planet, right? Yup! Occasionally I let Tanner play on Twitter, but only under close supervision. He's wreckless, ya know?!
    • Back to work. If you see any spammers, feel free to send the host a DM to alert them. DM stands for Direct Message, and it's kinda like a private note passed under the desk. No one else sees it except the host. 
    Spammers! Go Away!
    Oh dear, speaking of spammers, I see some now. Let me go put up some blocks to keep these folks out and we'll have to continue class later. Have you read up on #PetBrandChat? That would be good homework. Here's your assignments:
    1. Read more about #PetBrandChat here and here.
    2. Visit to check out our guest and write down your questions. Oh, I know. You don't have opposable thumbs, so you think you can't write. Just ask Siri to make a list. You've got resources!
    3. Speaking of Siri, she can also remind you when the chat is about the start so that you don't miss it. It starts at 1 PM ET, 12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific.
    Good luck, bro. Now go take a nap before you fall asleep on my laptop. See ya there!

    Monday, March 25, 2013

    5 Minutes for Natural Balance

    by Oliver
    Tanner and I Pose with Our Friend, Missy

    Let the games begin. With All Things Dog Blog becoming an NB Insider, a few things are changing around here. I've got to whip Tanner into shape and get him ready for some new challenges. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be seeing that's different:
    • Ooops! I may have made my announcement before Mom made hers. My bad! You don't mind though, right?
    • I'll get the tough news out of the way first. Tanner, my Fetch-crazed, Golden Retriever housemate, already has his nose in a twist because he's got to get behind Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog and Norman the Scooterdog, to name just a couple of the NB all-stars. I think Tanner fancies himself a Fetch star, so watch for some additional photos as he struggles to prove his worth around here.
    • Meanwhile I'll still be pulling much of the load as the Chief Editor of this rag, and that's good news. Tanner's grammar tends to lean toward athlete-speak and we see far too many F-words (F-E-T-C-H and  Food for starters) and significant overuse of dog park and swimming topics, IMHO. Thankfully I'm in charge! 
    • Mom will be handing out writing assignments that cover all manner of Natural Balance information including their organic food (my new chow!). I'm eager to share our opinions, photos and ideas on why Organic is a good thing.  We're not fans of eating fertilizer, antibiotics or hormones.
    • Tanner and I will be filling you in on all the flavors and types of treats available from Natural Balance, including the whole line of Tillman Treats. Who knew? I'm pretty sure I hear a plea for "Tanner Treats" coming from the pool deck right now. Ugg!
    • Our resident cat, Patches, will be making an appearance to share her experience with Natural Balance. The helpful folks at NB gave mom some nutritional advice for her, given she's a serious senior citizen--15 years old. At that age, she's gotten to be very opinionated, so watch your nose. She has claws! 
    • With the 2nd season of Who Let the Dogs Out airing now, we're excited to share some clips and enjoy a good laugh. I'll be laughing at Tanner when he tries to master the skateboard that's in our garage. Stay visits happen at unexpected times.
    • On that note, Tanner tells me he plans to challenge Tillman to a Fetch contest. Hmmm... Should I send a memo to Tillman to give him a heads up? I mean, really. Tanner is faster than lightening and way taller than Tillman. Tillman won't have a prayer. Ideas?
    • And then there's Fetch in the swimming pool. Oh dear! Can Tillman even swim? I guess we'll find out. I'll keep you posted on those events, IF they come to pass.
    • Natural Balance has some great charity efforts and causes they support, so I, for one, am excited to share some of those stories with you also. 
    Mom promises to share links to my posts so you'll be able to find them easily if you read All Things Dog Blog. If you're simply a fan and want to be sure you don't miss a single word I have to bark, please subscribe in the box you'll find in the sidebar. Just be sure to visit your email inbox immediately to activate your new subscription. I'm not terribly good at checking up on all these little details. 

    Thanks for stopping in and be sure to leave a comment. I love to hear from my fans. You can also give me a paw up by Tweeting this message, right from my blog. Just hit RT and you'll have been a great fur-riend. Thanks!

    Mom says I have to put a disclaimer down here: All Things Dog Blog is an  NB Insider. In this capacity, mom will attend industry events on behalf of Natural Balance, and share news with you about the Natural Balance family of products, their mascots, charities and causes. She says that may include my comments, so I have to be legally clear on this, according to the FTC. (Yup; I have no clue what any of that means.)

    Sunday, February 24, 2013

    Dog Duo Announces Kumfy Tailz Winner

    by Tanner

    Oliver is stunned and confused by the selection of our first entrant as the winner of our Kumfy Tailz giveaway, so I've stepped in to take over. Sometimes you just need a big guy to manage a big job. Even when I put him in charge of a small task like running a giveaway, he seems to cower at times, so it's certainly a good thing he has me to back him up. Okay, I guess that's what big brothers are for.

    An Important Announcement from Tanner
    I've posted a screenshot of the drawing so you can see how it looks when we bloggers, even the furry ones, use this tool to select our winners. Pretty neat, huh? We just fill in the number of entrants in the "Max" box and hit the "Generate" button and viola', whatever that means.

    Our winner, "Evie", will receive a Kumfy Tailz harness for her dog, and one to donate to her favorite Petfinder rescue. We'll either send it to her for hand delivery, ship it to her rescue for her, or donate it to a local rescue on her behalf. We do aim to make things easy for our winners. Besides, half of our furry family has come from this Petfinder rescue near us, so we love to visit :)

    Mom is busy announcing her winner over at All Things Dog Blog, along with, in their joint giveaway for Event Barkers. Be sure to go check their sites out  to see who their winning name is.

    Oliver Chills in Kumfy Tailz
    If you didn't win and you're looking to acquire a Kumfy Tailz harness for cooling or warming your dog in extreme weather, you need only visit their website to place your order. You an also learn more or ask questions by following them on Twitter or "Liking" them on Facebook. Be sure to tell them that Tanner and Oliver sent you!

    Event Barkers is continuing their efforts to aid Petfinder shelters by facilitating this Kumfy Koatz giveaway and donation option for our readers and other pet bloggers. As with Super Dog Sunday™, we have donated our time and not taken a fee for this service to our beloved shelters.

    The Comfy Pax gel pack pouch should be heated according to website instructions for safety and the longest life of the pouch. Sizing may be found at this same page; for best results we recommend that you take accurate measurements using a soft tape measure. A limited number of harnesses have been provided to us; we cannot make replacements for poorly-fitted harnesses.

    Sunday, February 10, 2013

    5 Minutes for Super Dog Sunday™ Overtime

    by Oliver
    Male Modeling :)
     This game has definitely extended when sponsors are coming out of the stands to stand up for shelter pets. Go Petfinder! Are they one of the teams playing?

    Event Barkers partners All Things Dog Blog and have teamed up with Kumfy Tailz to share a review of Kumfy Koatz, a cooling and warming harness. I look handsome wearing it. Right? Of course there's more to this harness than its good looks. I'll be able to stay cool in our Florida heat when mom freezes the gel pack before a walk. I'm liking that idea :)

    My housemate, Tanner, likes to swim before our walks so that he dries off during the walk, allowing him to cool off. Me, not so much. I'm a good swimmer but I really don't enjoy it that much. So Kumfy Koatz is a better solution for me.
    Soft  and Kumfy
    We have Fido friends in the North that sometimes have to miss out on their walks during Winter. That's our favorite time to walk here in Florida where January and February are beautiful. So we feel badly that our pup friends may get home bound during frigid temperatures or snow storms. The Kumfy Koatz warming harness is an easy way to keep your dog warm and safe during a Winter walk too. The gel pack insert can be warmed according to directions, in your microwave oven, and then inserted in the harness for a Kumfy walk. Notice how clever I was with my spelling there?

    The outside layer of fabric on the Kumfy Koatz warming and cooling harnesses has recently been changed to a mesh fabric, available in numberous colors. Did I spell that big word right? Other than the fabric change, the product remains the same. The Kumfy Pax pouch slides easily into its pocket in the chest of the harness to help your dog's inner core organs warm or cool as needed. To learn more, follow the Kumfy Tailz Facebook page, Twitter, or visit their website to see the new fabrics.
    Our Petfinder Kitty, Patches

    The Kumfy Koatz harness can be used at shelters and in veterinary offices for many therapeutic treatments, both warm and cold. Our giveaway will offer one neoprene Kumfy Koatz to one lucky winner, with another one going to the Petfinder rescue where our Patches came from. We'll give it away in the winner's name so they can feel great about doing something good for a shelter pet. Wondering who Patches is? She's the cat you may occasionally have seen crashing our party here. She has a feisty habit of stealing all the boxes that come in, even this one :(

    If you prefer a sure thing to an entry, simply visit the website to select and order your preference of color in the mesh fabric. 

    Enter by leaving a comment below between now and Thursday, February 21. Please share your Twitter handle or other contact information that will allow us to find you without you leaving an email address. You can also send us an email at I'll put mom in charge of looking for this. Good luck!

    Event Barkers is continuing their efforts to aid Petfinder shelters by facilitating this Kumfy Koatz giveaway and donation option for pet bloggers. As with Super Dog Sunday™, they have donated their time and not taken a fee for this service to shelters.

    The Comfy Pax gel pack pouch should be heated according to website instructions for safety and the longest life of the pouch. Sizing may be found at this same page. For best results we recommend that you take accurate measurements using a soft tape measure. A limited number of harnesses have been provided to us; we cannot make replacements for poorly-fitted harnesses.

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    Super Dog Sunday™ Seeks Nature's Logic Rookies

    by Oliver
    Nature's Logic
    All-Natural Dog Food
    Super Dog Sunday™, our charity photo contest to benefit Petfinder Foundation, is wrapping up soon. We've been proud to showcase our sponsor, Nature's Logic. Their philosophy of pet food manufacturing is not only all-natural, but whole food.

    Mom gets questions about what 'whole food' means sometimes over at All Things Dog Blog. Let's see if I can 'splain it like she does. Instead of packing their product with all sorts of synthetic vitamins to meet the AAFCO minimums, they pack their food with the protein sources, fruits and vegetables that have the necessary vitamins to meet those same AAFCO guidelines. Their label reads much more like a recipe than a vitamin bottle.

    As a sponsor of Super Dog Sunday™, Nature's Logic has provided a cash donation to Petfinder Foundation, as well as a batch of great prizes for our winners. Eight lucky winners will learn their fate on Monday when and announce the 5 photo contest winners, along with a few others: a PreTweet winner, a Rafflecopter winner, and a Cheer Team winner. The Cheer Team is a group of social media enthusiasts who volunteered to help up promote this charity event.

    Our winners' prizes will be padded with goodies from our sponsors and prize providers that total more than $1500: Nature's Logic, Toby and Max jewelry, Arenus botanicals for behavioral support, Luv and Emma door handle towels for quick paw clean up, Event Barkers social media events, Life+Dog magazine, Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know book, and Gypsy Eyes Clothing, custom made duds for your pets.

    Want to enter your pet? Of course you do! Visit this post to get all the details, and then send your pet's photo into Meanwhile, stop by the photo contest is in progress, and check out our sponsors' social media channels here:

    Sponsors and Hosts:

    Additional prizes will be provided by: magazine, on Facebook and Twitter

    Event Barkers, a partnership of and, is working with Nature's Logic to increase their product awareness. As a charitable sponsor of Super Dog Sunday™, they are also supporting Petfinder Foundation and its work with shelter animals.
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