Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Petfinder Benefit Announced!

by Tanner
Shall I bow? Yeah; I know I'm handsome! This is my grandpa's Packers hat; cool huh!

Oliver and I have been working real hard to help mom at All Things Dog Blog, and our friends at Dogtipper, with all the organizing. We've got sponsors who have made a  yummy donation to Petfinder Foundation, and to celebrate, we'll be having a photo contest, blog hop and major cool prizes.

I helped mom unpack some of them and oh boy do they look good. She's too sneaky for me--put the treats on a top shelf :( Hope you'll join us for the fun.

If you need help learning how to put a football theme on your photo, you can come to our Twitter Party: #SuperDogPics! You can RSVP at this link.

 Our photographer friend, Brett Chisholm of Life and Dog Magazine will be with us to give tips, and mom will be handing MORE prizes. Let me tell ya; she knows how to pack in the loot. She made my boy move out this week, just to make room for all the goodies. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration; my boy was moving out anyway. I miss him, but he visited this morning and made me feel better. There's nothing better than family. And that's what Petfinder is all about. So join us, and consider highlighting an adoptable Petfinder  pet as one of your entries. We know Petfinder would love it!

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