Friday, May 20, 2011

Rolling out the Beginning of "Unleashing Our Secret"

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
Sorry! It's Still a Secret
Over at All Things Dog Blog, our mom has started a revolution. Well, maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but she's out to share some important info on feeding us pups without any unseen ingredients that leave gunk in our livers, while overworking them.

A few years back when mom and our Xena both got cancer, we all went on an organic 'diet'. Sounds awful, but actually it's very tasty. We'll be revealing our fave real soon, so stay tuned. And don't miss mom's introductory info that starts today at the Pet Blogger hop. I think she's giving away a couple of surprise gifts by having you play a guessing game. Check it out here!

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