Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can Tanner Ski 2?

by Tanner

One of these days mom is going to have to take me out to meet Malibu and get a skiing lesson. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Check out more of Malibu's water skiing experience here:
© JD Diamond Photography
Getting Set in the Water
© JD Diamond Photography
Malibu Gets Started
With a Little Help from Her Friends
at U Can Ski 2
© JD Diamond Photography
Look at the Pro Go!
© JD Diamond Photography
All Done! That Was Great!
© JD Diamond Photography
Supervising Photos Looks Like Fun Too
Thanks to our friend John for taking these great images of Malibu. Would you like to see more one day? Check out Malibu's video at All Things Dog Blog.

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