Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday is Infiltrated by a Cat Hacker!

by Patches,
(The best looking member of the All Things Dog Blog furry family)
© Carrie Boyko
on Her Dog Day Off
eh eh eh eh! I may not be the wicked witch of the West (or was it East?), but I got rid of those dogs for the day and hacked into their blog to show off myself for Wordless Wednesday. How cool is that?!

Want to see a couple of other neato photos of me on my doggie days off? Check out mom's post at All Things Dog Blog, and feel free to leave comments about my incredible beauty. It is obvious, isn't it? I've far out-paced the dogs in looks. The facts speak for themselves.


Tammy said...

Patches - you have a gorgeous face!!

Katie said...

You are Beauiful! Cats rule, dogs drool
Sunshine, Snuggles, Spunky, Honey and Happy (you remind me of myself, I am the oldest of the bunch and have a sassy purrsonality)

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