Monday, November 14, 2011

Ruff Weekend

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Sunny Sunday and no Car Ride for Me :(

While Tanner was busy taking daily swims, playing tug, and chasing the laser light with my family, I hung back and did the cuddle thing. Two of my "kids" were home so I was pretty happy to spend time with them.

Unfortunately I was left behind on a visit to the Gramma, where my cousin Jacque lives. I've got my sunglasses on for the trip and everything. What gives?

What were they thinking? I ALWAYS go along to visit the Gramma and Jacque. He's a Papillon too and we enjoy a good romp every time I visit. Then I sleep all the way home while mom drives, and it is a glorious ride for me. There's nothing better than a good nap in my crate while the car hums along on the interstate. Zzzzzzz.....

I was hoping you guys would help me out with the mom's faux pas. She needs to know that I don't plan to put up with being left behind on trips to see the Gramma and Jacque. Will you tell her for me, please? Drop on over to see her at All Things Dog Blog, where the Mutt Monday blog hop is going on today, and give her a piece of your mind. I promise to love you forever. :)


Roxy and Molly said...

Sorry your mom left you behind, Do you think she was wrapping some of your christmas presents?

Anonymous said...

Hello Oliver...just stopping by to Say Hello and you are doing a terrific job in helping you mom with the blog and posing for pictures. Keep up the good work! Schooner and Skipper
Sharon Gilbert

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