Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fido's Freebie Friday Working Hard Today

by Tanner
Mom's weekly giveaway blog hop is always fun for her readers. Not so much for me and Oliver. We have to watch all those great goodies go out the door to other doggies. What gives? We let mom take all these pictures of us and we completely and totally look adorable in them, and then she gives them away.

Today there are just a ton of giveaways and the Fido's Freebie Friday just opened a few minutes ago. Should I complain to her? Maybe I'll get Oliver to do it. The little one always has more pull with mommies. What do you think?

When you visit All Things Dog Blog you'll see what I mean. It's absolutely totally not fair how much good doggie stuff is being given away to, well, to YOU!


Kathy said...

Love the header photo of Tanner! :)

Lori Miller said...

Tanner and Oliver: Looking good! We can tell you've been working hard! :)

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