Monday, July 23, 2012

#Bark to School Announcement

by Oliver and Tanner
Listen Up
 It's Time for #BarktoSchool!
Summer is almost over according to mom. Funny thing is when we look at the calendar it is still July. Isn't August part of Summer?

We pow wowed and decided that mom's having a blonde moment. Apparently Paris is too. Tiki and Irie tell us that she announced a #BarktoSchool Twitter Party today, just like our mom did. Go figure! Apparently they are conspiring to send us all back to training class. Now you tell us, do we look like we need more school?

There's is one upside to this. Apparently mom and some of her Event Barkers cronies are giving away cool stuff at this Twitter Party on August 12. There has not been an announcement of the sponsors yet, but we snuck a peek in the file and it appears there is food involved, as well as all sorts of other cool stuff. We're there! Hope to see you too. We'll keep you posted on future updates.

~Tanner and Oliver

1 comment:

Larrielle said...

I RSVPed today for Bentley and I! See you there

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