Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soggy Doggy Silliness

by Tanner
I WAS Napping :(
This is my housemate, Oliver. You may know him already. He's the diminutive member of this household who thinks we should be all about him. Even when it comes to review products, he sometimes takes over, like today. Here's a snapshot of him annoyed with mom for interrupting his nap. Seriously?!

Now let's look at this from a more useful point of view--mine. I could have used a Super Shammy to dry off from my daily swims and Fetch training. Well, that's what Mom calls it, but technically, it's just a game. After all, I've mastered Fetching 5 toys and lining them up at the back door for her. What more can she possibly want from me?

After she hoses me down and rubs some conditioner on my coat, we dry off and I like to go inside and finish drying on the living room carpet. I really don't see what's wrong with that. After all, it's basically the same color as I am and I'm already all clean after my swim. I'm hardly a dirty dog except for the occasional rainy day when I decide to chase a Raccoon or Opossum around the yard. Then I get to have my paws hosed off really, really well. We're talking pedicure stuff here. I don't understand all the fuss about a little dirt.
Tanner Wants One of These :)

Anyway, Mom's giving away these Soggy Doggy Doormats and Super Shammies at All Things Dog Blog. If your pup needs a napping spot like Oliver, or a better way to dry off, you may want to check it out. Anybody got an idea how I can enter to win a Soggy Doggy Super Shammy? I love being toweled off. Did I mention that I love playing 'Dry the Doggy?' Ahhhhhh! It feels sooooo good.

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