Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Deets on Pet PreTweets for #BarkFriday #FueltheLove

artfully written by Oliver

Tanner Gets Photo Opp with Zuke's Prizes
Okay, I get that I'm not too terribly talented with the camera. I do a better job when I'm in the image, but Tanner seems to have gotten that lucky job of SpokesModel this time. I suppose that's because our mom over at All Things Dog Blog was taking the photo while I was laboring over preparing this post. Sigh.

No matter. I'm playing my blogger role again today, offering you more ways to PreTweet the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party to help you win that wagon full of 15 bags of Zuke's treats. One lucky Tweeter (is that a word?) will grab all 15 bags plus a holiday toy for their dog. That's no chump change!

Good luck in your efforts to win this prize. Here are some Tweets for you to share with your furiends on Twitter:

Before you head off, there's a couple of important tips I can offer for you to improve your odds of winning and have more fun doing it:
  • RSVP in yesterday's post here.
  • Check out our partners on this event for more info as well as additional Tweets to up your chances:,,
  • Watch for tomorrow's post when we'll reveal the rafflecopter makeover. Mom says we now call it the Social Media Giveaway; I'm so confused! Enter this and you'll have a chance to win another prize package of 15 bags of Zuke's with a dog toy. But wait; there's more!  We're also dangling a $100 Gift Card as a cash carrot. To win this big shopping spree opportunity, you just need to spend 2 minutes taking a 6-second video with Vine and Tweeting it with the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove hashtags. Be sure to include them both!
  • The Social Media giveaway will include a ton of other fun ways to enter, including sharing a framed pic of your pup and much more. See you tomorrow to extend the fun until #BarkFriday #FueltheLove on November 29.
And don't forget that you can also find Zuke's on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!

Note to Party Participants: This Twitter Party has a highly-unusual 2 hashtags. Please be sure to copy this hashtag onto your clipboard before you begin the party. This way you can paste it into each Tweet as you chat during the event. See you at #BarkFriday #FueltheLove.

Event Barkers is working with Zuke's to help them gain online exposure and share the news of their new products. Watch for more excitement with a Blog Hop of assorted giveaways and newsy topics about Zuke's to open here on Friday, November 15.

Note that due to shipping regulations, the prizes in this event are only available to U.S. addresses. Thank you for your understanding.

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