Friday, December 17, 2010

New Dogs? Is that Possible?

by Tanner and Oliver
© A. Boyko
Shopping in Winter Park
Tanner and I are having a bit of confusion. Mom posted an article today at All Things Dog Blog about new "breeds" that were recently approved by the AKC. Surely you can see why we're a bit confused. Here are the facts:
  • Dogs all come from wolves; all that's different is that we each have a different outfit. What's the deal with "breeds"?
  • Who is AKC? Mom says they are the American Kennel Club. We're a bit lost here, too. What's a kennel? We have crates that someone once referred to as our kennel. Can crates have clubs? 
  • Finally, how can a kennel approve a dog, when the dog already exists as a real living animal, and a kennel is just a bedroom for a pup? 
This is simply baffling. Anybody got a clue? We're dogs. Adopt us. Love us. Take care of us. We don't need clubs, approvals or breeds. That's like, what....a category? We hope someone can straighten all you guys out and understand that a dog just wants somebody to love. Watch the video at this link and you'll get an idea of what pet bloggers like us are trying to accomplish. We need to all Be the Change! Ideas? Leave a comment!

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