Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There She Goes Again!

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko
The First Giveaway in a
Series of Free Dog Books 

Have I told you how much Oliver and I love to hear stories? We really do. When we ride to Gram's or the dog park, mom always plays stories on her CD player thingy. It's soothing to us to listen to, just like Lisa Spector's Music for your Canine Companion. We like that music for naptime and whenever we have excitement that we can't control.

When mom came home this past weekend with a box full of books we were excited. That is, until we learned that she is going to give them all away to YOU!

Mom has books for kids and books for adults and books for tiny children, and they're all about dogs. Perfect reading material for the holidays and we won't get to participate.  Well, except in some of the photos maybe. That's not so much fun as getting read to.

If you're interested in getting free books, check out our mom's post over at All Things Dog Blog to learn how you can win one. They're going fast, so don't waste any time. Good luck!

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