Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom's True Pet Blog Challenge Revealed

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko

Mom is home from a long vacation....injured. We had a long talk and I learned that I'll not be getting my daily walks, at least not by her. Today I'll get to walk with my girl, Toni. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or the next day.

Today over at All Things Dog Blog, our mom took the Pet Blogger Challenge. She answered a bunch of questions that were also answered by lots of other pet bloggers. I don't really get all the lingo, but the bottom line is they all love keeping up with each other and supporting each other. That's nice I guess. I just wish some of them would come over and give me a walk. :(

Get well soon Mom!


Niki said...

Do the treadmill thing... and chill out a bit.. Momma loves ya.. If I was there I couldnt walk ya far , but would take you to the dog park.. or play fetch wear ya out that way... Take care of your mom.. Yal all are special

Elizabeth said...

Hmm... What if you guys took care of Mom for a few days until she's feeling better?

Give her lots of kisses and offer her some of your treats.

Good luck!

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