Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Football Time!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Take My Picture, Please!
Tanner and I are very excited. Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in 2 weeks and mom is planning her own fun. We love all the friends mulling around eating snacks and stuff, but we also like playing with the ball. How about you?

Well, guess what? We can get our pictures taken playing football or even wearing silly costumes and join in mom's Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop. Tanner and I plan a competition to see whose pictures get more comments. Of course, I'll win. I've got that CGC thing behind my name. Doesn't that mean I win everything?

Anyway, I hope you'll join in the fun at our mom's blog hop. She created a webpage that tells all about it, so you can get all your questions answered. You can visit it here: Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop.  There's an explanation of how it works, photo tips and all kinds of helpful stuff that I don't really understand.

She even made up a 'badge' for it. Sounds sort of like a Boy Scout thing, but she says it's more like a sign to remind everyone about it. Here it is, and as mom always says, be sure to "Grab it." See you on February 6th.

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