Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mom's Saving Money with Barkonomics

by Tanner

Does that mean I get more dog chow? I can buy into that for sure. Maybe I better check in with mom to be sure she read the whole book. I don't want her missing any important details like, say, how to get free toys or more fetch sessions. This could be extremely important info for a guy like me.

Be sure to check out mom's review of Dogtipper's new book, Barkonomics. It's all about how to save money on your dog's stuff. What's not to like about that? Mom loved it. When I asked, she said she read it cover to cover on her plane flight home from the holiday vacation.

So, again I ask, "Does this mean I get more dog chow? I weigh 70 pounds now, mom. Shouldn't I get a raise in my ration?"

1 comment:

Niki said...

tell her shes saving money maybe she can get someone to build one of those throwing machines I saw on Youtube, where the dog put the ball in and the machine throw it.. that way you still get your excersise and mom has more time for herself!! haaa... Mom knows what shes doing

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