Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm in Trouble!

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
I'll Stay Out of the Way Today
I'm in the doghouse today. It seems that my one new job didn't get done this week. So, even if I do it now, you'll only get a little bit of what's in store for the week. But here it is, the All Things Dog Blog lineup of topics coming your way shortly:

Pup Profiles returns for its periodic appearance with a loyal reader of our blogs; we love you, Sully!

Dog CPR instruction coming your way in video format. This is a good thing for all of us to know.

Dog lovers will delight to know where to find all the cheap or FREE iPhone apps.

Our giveaways this weekend will be blowouts: Greenies for all sizes of dogs, and our fashion extravaganza will mean beautiful leashes and bows for the ladies.

This week's product review will feature Tanner as the spokesmodel. Kurgo's Cargo Cape is keeping mom's car cleaner, and we've got a freebie to give away to you.

Today we're talking up the Walking Challenge, sponsored by Lessons from 4 Legs, our new partner in motivation to get our exercise.

We'll wrap up the weekend with an adoptable pet highlight set in Delaware and the surrounding areas.

Stay tuned to All Things Dog Blog for all the info you need to help your pups be happy and healthy. (How's that for a spokesdog line?!!)

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