Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rabbit Treats? Where's My Bones?

by Tanner
Things are just getting way out of hand here. I'm used to getting nibbles and rewards that look like little dog bones. Sort of corny, I know, but I've grown used to the look of that shape and now suddenly I'm getting goofy dog biscuits.

First I got hearts at Valentines Day. Next we received Shamrocks, and today, they're rabbits. My mom!

The good news is they're full of chicken and carrots, two of my favorite things to eat. So why am I complaining? Good question. I'll shut up now. Happy Easter!

Oh, and I suppose I should tell you that you can find the recipe at All Things Dog Blog.


Patti said...

These are adorable :) Wish I had time to make them for my gang...

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

One hour to make and clean up--not that big of a deal. Skip the frosting (that was just for the photo) and go right to the chowing! I highly recommend making tiny bones for treats for smaller dogs. These rabbits were just a fun Easter-themed way to show off the recipe. Enjoy!

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