Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Rabby, Robby, Urges You to Adopt Your New Pet

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Marc and Robby Enjoy a Close Bond
Our family's rabbit was adopted back in 2002 by Marc, while he was at college. Robby was a great college roommate, making no noise and having the freedom to explore Marc's computer cables at will.

It didn't take long for Marc to acquire some rugs to secure the cords out of access to the little guy. And Robby moved toward being a lap bunny, enjoying Marc's famous ear rubs. (I like them too!)

When a later roommate nixed the bunny addition to the room, Robby ended up living with us, much to our delight. Even Patches accommodated the little guy with curiosity. I tried to get him to play with me almost daily, but he wasn't much interested in me. I think I have permanent personality damage as a result. :(

While an adopted rabbit is clearly not a worry-free pet, it can be a pleasant and low maintenance one. No barking issues (I never do that!), no outdoor potty runs in the rain (ditto), no claw sharpening on the furniture. They do come with their interesting hobbies, though--primarily the love of chewing on plastic and rubber.Your iPod, TV, stereo and computer cables, as well as remote control buttons, are all at risk, so be sure to hide them well.

First and foremost, be sure you're ready for a pet who prefers a quiet home and will be with you for 8-12 years. This is a long term commitment for both of you, and should be permanent to offer him the security he deserves. Just like us dogs, bunnies like to know that home is home...for the long run. This security will result in a friendly bond with your new friend. Nose wiggles from Robby and tail wags from Oliver.

Now, go visit All Things Dog Blog, where you can check out rabbits that are available throughout the U.S. Have fun hare shopping at the other sites that have joined up in the linky list. It's a blog hop!

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