Thursday, July 26, 2012

Logic from Nature Makes Natural Dog Chow

by Tanner and Oliver
Join us for an Upcoming Review
We're excited to tell you that we've got the job we were made for. Big thank you's to the Nature's Logic folks from Tanner and Oliver. We get to share some of the scoop on Nature's Logic, an all-natural pet food line that makes dry, wet and even frozen food. We've got bunches of facts from our mom, but we'll also be giving you our taste bud's opinion, more important than most anything else, right?

Oliver Tweeting it Up
 With the Ladies
Today we're actually here to share the beginning of our PreTweet contest. That's a tongue twister for sure. Basically it just means that you can Tweet about the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party to win prizes. That's pretty neat, huh?

Our PreTweet winner will be awarded their prize from a drawing of all the Tweets with the party hashtag. The winner will be announced at the party on August 12. If you can't make it to the event, we'll still get in touch. Believe it or not, Tanner and I are pretty good at Tweeting, thumbs not required :)

Here's some Tweets you can try out. Feel free to Tweet them once each day, and you can do them all or pick your faves:

Oops...Tanner says we have to tell you what the prize is for winning the PreTweet contest. Mom's locked up all the deets tight, but we got a quick peek and can tell you it will include a Walk in Sync Get-a-Grip leash (Tanner has one; it super duper nice), a bottle of yummy smelling Mango shampoo from Austin Rose, my fave--a box of training treats--and some Nature's Logic food, dry and canned. Wowzer; that's an awesome prize for some pet family.

We'll be back soon to share more deets on the #BarktoSchool sponsors and their products. Hope to see you real soon, and don't forget to RSVP here for the party so you can win our great prizes.

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cdmtx said...

PAWS UP for the great prizes and sponsors :) ~ @cdmtx65

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