Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome Peggy Frezon to #BarktoSchool

by Oliver 
courtesy Peggy Frezon
Brooks Looks Tired from School

courtesy Peggy's Pet Place

Brooks and Kelly, owned by Peggy Frezon, are often a focus at Peggy's Pet Place. This is a delightful blog where you'll find all sorts of articles for the pet lover in you. Even Brooks, the adorable Golden snoozing at the top of this post, gets into the action occasionally with his column, Brooks Books. These book reviews are all about pets and pet books.

courtesy Peggy Frezon

Peggy has been writing about pets for years, having published many stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She now has two books of her own in print, as well. We're excited that she has offered to include an autographed copy of each in our Grand Prize for #BarktoSchool.

Peggy's first solo book, Dieting with my Dog, tells the story of Peggy's journey to eating healthier by teaming up with her dog, Kelly. It's inspirational and fun. You can read Peggy's guest post about the book at the link, over at If you'd like to join Peggy and Kelly in the fun, pick up a copy at the link above; Amazon will get the book to you quickly.

Mom is excited to see Peggy's new book, Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw. You can get a Kindle version here that will help you save money and paper. It's coming soon and mom will share some tidbits with you, hopefully before #BarktoSchool. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner to get an autographed copy in the Grand Prize at #BarktoSchool. Have you RSVP'd? Be sure you do so you're eligible to win:

Tanner Needs a Bigger Scale!
One last fun little thing we'd like to add. When Miss Peggy wrote her guest post for All Things Dog Blog, Tanner and I just had to try out the scale thing. You know you want to see these, right? Check out our Facebook photos and we'll share our silly pics. No peeking at the weights though. Shhhh!

Oh, all right, then. I'll plug in Tanner's picture but you'll have to go to our Facebook page to see mine. Tanner couldn't fit his big self on the scale, so go ahead and laugh at his pouty face, but there will be absolutely No laughing at me!

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Great pics! Happy Wednesday!

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