Friday, August 31, 2012

Hear Ye! Here Ye!
#RedCarpetCat is Now for Dogs too!

by Oliver
I'll Be Tweeting
 at #RedCarpetCat!
Dude! Did you hear? The #RedCarpetCat Emmy event is also including dogs this year. Gnarly, huh?! Tanner and I are uber excited that mom and Dogtipper finally got it right and added canines. What were they thinking?!!!

We haven't heard what the prizes are for dog sorts, so we'll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile, you should be sure to RSVP so you'll be included in the RSVP drawing on September 19, and also to be eligible to win prizes at the party. There are even going to be pre-party prizes, so be sure to watch Event Barkers and for all the updates. It's awesome!

I'll be Tweeting the night away, and probably fending off the ladies while I'm at it. Do ya think I need a body guard? Tanner! You're nominated!

I'll be sharing @TheTiniestTiger's pics taken with the stars at the Emmy Awards Secret Rooms. Gracey is our sponsor (Shhhh....she's a cat). I don't quite understand that. If they're so secret then how come we know about them? Go figure!

I suppose I better get my little black book out and catch up on the names of the Anipals that are of the female persuasion. I can get some names from Preston. He's usually pretty good at keeping tabs. I better get on that. Don't forget to go RSVP right now so you won't be rushing at the end, and mark your calendars so you won't forget. See ya there. I'll be @5MinutesforFido, the coolest Twitterer at the party ;)

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