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Nature's Logic Review by Oliver

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Save Some for Me, Tanner

We've been busily dropping photo hints that this review was coming, so I guess you know our noses have already done a pretty good job of checking out the goods. Truth be told, Tanner ate the biggest portion, but to be honest, he always does. He's a whopper at 70 lbs and me, Oliver, I'm a diminutive 10-pounder. Somehow that always makes me sound like a lower life form, but mom assures me I'm still plenty important.. As a matter of fact, I'm so important that I got this writing assignment. Take that, Tanner! BOL!

courtesy Nature's Logic
 I had to hold Tanner's paw and tell him I promised to use his thoughts in this review, or he was most certainly going to whimper like a puppy. So my disclaimer goes something like this: "All information in the following review is a combination of material gleaned from Nature's Logic, Tanner, Oliver, and even a few tidbits from Patches." Does that work? I thought it sounded real professional.
Just to be clear, I'm going to give you some of the official info from Nature's Logic. This is the stuff mom likes to read. Like, for example, their food does not contain any synthetic nutrients. That's just fancy words for vitamins...you know, the stuff that makes us healthy, energetic and shiny. Nature's Logic makes their whole line of foods from 'whole foods' instead of stuff that was made in a chemistry lab. I though a lab was a dog, but my girl, Toni, tells me that it's a place where fake vitamins can be made--yuck! I much prefer real carrots and apples to fake ones, thank you very much!

Tanner seems real impressed with the variety of different aminal (did I spell that right?) meats available in Nature's Logic foods. He tells me they make pet food using chicken, beef, venison, rabbit, salmon, lamb, duck, and sardines. Did I get them all Tanner? That's quite a list, huh?  I'm going to have to go look up venison and sardines....not sure what they are. Can you help?

courtesy Nature's Logic
Apparently since the Nature's Logic food has so much great protein, they decided to leave out some of the carbs that have less nutritional value. That was a mouthful I got from Patches. She hates carbs and cats don't eat much other than protein, so I understand her point of view.

Me, well, I can take an occasional dog treat and enjoy the carbs included, but Patches tells me that Nature's Logic leaves out rice, soy, wheat, potato and tapioca. They explain this and some other stuff about our diets here.

Sounds like the Nature's Logic folks got everything in their food that I like and even made Patches happy. That's no easy feat. What more can we say?

© Carrie Boyko
Guarding the Goods for #BarktoSchool
Oh, yeah, I know what. Mom is helping the Nature's Logic folks get the word out with some help from Tiki and Irie's mom, Paris. We're throwing a Twitter Party called #BarktoSchool. You can join us by RSVPing at the link.

 Mom plans all sorts of training tips and nutrition info that's good for pet owners like you to know. She's also planning to share some info on a writer friend, Peggy Frezon, who has a bunch of books and a neato blog, Peggy's Pet Place.  And another cool part is that she's also giving away a whole bunch of Nature's Logic, Walk in Sync leashes, great dog books, shampoo, training treats and more. Mom says there will be over $1000 in gifts for pets and their families. That's a lotta kibble!

Anyways, if you want to join us for the party, you'll have to head on over the RSVP page and sign up. I guess if your pawprint is not on the list, you can't win a prize, so it's pretty important. I'll be there Tweeting too, so please say hello. My Twitter handle is @5MintuesforFido. See you then!

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