Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mutiny! Tanner is Going to Blogpaws?

by Oliver
Hard, Hard Work!
I work. I slave. I sit cute for photos. I test treats and toys and clothing. I couldn't possibly do more for All Things Dog Blog. And now I'm being slapped in the snout.

Just as I start hearing the word Blogpaws again, I suddenly learn that it is not cute little me that is going along. Instead, mom is planning on taking jumbo sized Tanner. Seriously? How exactly is he going to fit into that airline traveler, no matter how many mesh windows it has? He makes no secret of the fact that he weighs 70 lbs. I've got to figure this one out.

I've warned Tanner, but he says he has it all under control. He assures me that he and Mom are taking a road trip so they can visit our boys along the way. Sigh. I want to go too! Perhaps I should rally those boys and get some lobbying help. This is a serious cry for assistance. Can you help me? Please, oh please, just leave my mom a note on her Facebook page or send her a Tweet. Here's a Tweet you can RT to get the message across. Thank for any help you can provide!

What's worse than not getting to go to Blogpaws is that I've got to  stay behind to babysit the 'cousin'. You know, Jacque. He is living with us right now and I guess I've been nominated to puppysit. Well, somepuppy (me!) has to keep him occupied while Momma goes on walkabout with Tanner, I suppose. Patches certainly is not up to the task. She'd sooner swipe his snout off than put up with his childish antics. He needs a bit of help in the 'senior manners' department. I guess I'll be playing school while Tanner is off hobnobbing with the Natural Balance crew. Double sigh.


Schooner and Skipper said...

Oliver did you get to go last year with mom to Blogpaws and Tanner stayed at home? Jacque needs you to help him learn manners and keep him company while Tanner and Mom are away. Plus Jacque is probably missing his mommy. Has Tanner every gone to a Blogpaw with mom? Now let's be fair and maybe they just might bring you home so goodies!
Schooner & Skipper think you need to stay home with Jacque and keep him company and watch the house while mommy and Tanner are gone.

Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger for Keep the Tail Wagging said...

I hope that you've convinced your mom to take you too! Hope to see you at BlogPaws :)

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