Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Can't Dogs Have Fish?

by Tanner
courtesy K.M.
My First Catch--A Fresh One

I'm frustrated today. Last night when me and the two squirts went outside for our last evening constitution, I immediately caught the scent of FISH. Yes! I rushed to the bush where I smelled my prize, resting at the bottom of a large pine tree. Apparently the hawks nesting above had dropped it or it fell overboard. I don't care which; I was simply thrilled to snag this delicious-smelling treat.

I had to be a bit trickier this time. The first time I managed to get myself a fish, mom was sneaky and used the "DROP IT"  command on me. No fair!

So instead of parading around showing off my catch, this time I hurried back to the door and waited for it to open so I could go inside and hide my treasure. I remember that Xena used to have a terrific spot for hiding stolen slices of pizza--under Dad's pillow. I like that because it's safe there till bedtime. I had my plan and was prepared to implement.

Oliver and Jacque took their time about returning to open the door. I tucked my snout down so Mom wouldn't notice my tagalong, and wagged my tail, giving every sign that I was ready to go inside. You'd think I was in the clear, right? But no! Mom somehow figured out that I had a prize. She made me sit and let the little ones inside. Dad grabbed a large, thick, enzyme-treated rawhide strip. Oh my dog, do I love those things!

Dad waved it in front of my nose and my mouth reflexively opened as he popped the strip into it, and mom quickly snapped up the aromatic fish I had dropped when they tricked me.  Sigh. We don't even have a photo this time. Mom hurried off to dispose of the best snack I've ever scored and I was left to make sure that the rawhide was not absconded by my two minuscule housemates.

The upside is they didn't get a rawhide strip and were probably wondering why I did. Hehehe! I think they both missed the whole event, but this morning when we walked out for our early morning potty run Jacque was the first to catch the scent. He sniffed around the front porch, scratching at the rug and looking for something to pick up. "Nothing left, dude. Mom got rid of it already :( "

I guess Jacque will be putting on his cute act for a Tillman Treat now. After all, there's no fish left for him. Hey, maybe that's a good idea. Tillman Treats are easier to catch and mom doesn't take them away. She actually says they're good for me. Catch ya later!

Mom's busy writing her own post about my fishing expedition, no doubt, and I'm sure her story will go a bit differently. Check it out at All Things Dog Blog.


GizmoGeodog said...

So back when I used to live on the Indian River in Stuart, FL my dogs ran the riverfront finding lots of interesting things...One day I left them in and went off shoppping with a friend...we came back a few hours later and my house STUNK! It took forever to find the source...Cecil had found a very dead mullet, brought it inside and hid it for later...and that's why dog's shouldn't have fish ;)

Laurie said...

Aw Tanner it's a shame you weren't allowed to keep the fish. I mean it's not as if they were going to eat it themselves, right? I hope you got plenty of compensatory snacks.

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