Sunday, April 7, 2013

#PetBrandChat Has Oliver Rallyin

by Oliver
It's Classtime. This is Twitter 101
Oliver here. As usual, Tanner is out by the pool enjoying some wet stuff while I'm working my paws to the bone. Bone? Where? Oh wait, I gotta stay focused. It's classtime.

Attention, Jacque. You've got to learn this stuff, dude. If you're going to live under my roof, it's essential that you get schooled in some basic Twitter verbage. Open your laptop and let's get started.

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Jacque Listens in Class
Good, now sign onto Do you know your password? C'mon, Jacque. Get with it bud. I think it's XXXXXXX. Yeah, that's right. Do you see your avatar? Good.

Now, let's learn how to set up your Twitter page so you can watch our #PetBrandChat feed. Then you won't get so confused by other Tweets during the event. Here is how it's done: See the search box at the top of your page?  Just put our hashtag in that box and hit enter. Viola!

No Sleeping in Class, Jacque!
You're now looking at a column of Tweets that are all using the #PetBrandChat hashtag. Cool, huh? Just remember that I invented that technique and let's move on.

Now a few tips for Tweeting during the party.  Wake up! Take notes:

  • RT important Tweets so everyone is sure to see them.
  • Leave room for RTs to include all characters by sticking to no more than 130 characters.
  • Always use the #PetBrandChat hashtag to be sure everyone at the chat can see your Tweets.
  • And don't forget that Tweets can never ever have more than 140 characters, or the end of them will fall off the page, err disappear somewhere. That's always bad.
  • Want to reply to someone's question? Hit the reply button and your Tweet will go straight to them. Be sure to include the hashtag so others can follow the conversation.
  • No, Tanner does not have his own Twitter handle. He's Twitter challenged! @5MinutesforFido is run by me. That's important because you and I know that Papillons are the smartest dogs on the planet, right? Yup! Occasionally I let Tanner play on Twitter, but only under close supervision. He's wreckless, ya know?!
  • Back to work. If you see any spammers, feel free to send the host a DM to alert them. DM stands for Direct Message, and it's kinda like a private note passed under the desk. No one else sees it except the host. 
Spammers! Go Away!
Oh dear, speaking of spammers, I see some now. Let me go put up some blocks to keep these folks out and we'll have to continue class later. Have you read up on #PetBrandChat? That would be good homework. Here's your assignments:
  1. Read more about #PetBrandChat here and here.
  2. Visit to check out our guest and write down your questions. Oh, I know. You don't have opposable thumbs, so you think you can't write. Just ask Siri to make a list. You've got resources!
  3. Speaking of Siri, she can also remind you when the chat is about the start so that you don't miss it. It starts at 1 PM ET, 12 PM Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific.
Good luck, bro. Now go take a nap before you fall asleep on my laptop. See ya there!

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