Friday, November 15, 2013

A Message About Joint Health from Tanner

by Tanner, with help from
Mom and Miss Paris have been very busy finding fun new ways to share the message of healthy treating with Zuke's. As I age, my hips may be prone to trouble. It's a problem that plagues many larger dogs, like Retrievers. Mom does all she can to assure that I don't have problems, like giving me Hip Action treats that supplement my diet with extra Glucosamine, Chondroitin and egg shell membrane. Sounds like medicine, right? Wrong!
Swimming: Also Good for Hips and Health
Hip Action Treats by Zuke's are super tasty. Even Oliver, whose hips are teensie weensie, loves to sneak a
nibble of my Hip Action treats. Mom looked up info on Papillons and learned that they are also prone to knee problems like lux patella, giving her yet another reason to buy Hip Action for us. Way to go Oliver!

My advice is to learn more about your dog's potential for hip or joint problems based on his breed or his mix. Ask your veterinarian for advice. And serve Zuke's Hip Action treats regularly as a healthy preventative. Your dog will love you for it!

Blogging Saves My Knees Too :)

Now we hope you'll enjoy our brief message about senior dogs and Hip Action Treats:

In our work with Event Barkers, All Things Dog Blog and are helping promote Zuke's healthy dog treats. Join us on Friday, November 29 for the #BarkFriday #FueltheLove Twitter Party at 12 PM ET to have a chance at winning 10 great prize packages that each will include at least $100 in Zuke's treats. 


Michelle Spayde said...

Maybe it's my imagination, but I swear that Sarah's mobility has improved after I started giving her the Hip Action treats. She spent 5+ years (from birth to rescue) standing on a wire cage in a puppy mill, so she has a lot of bone and joint issues. Sarah's also quite finicky, but loves these!

SlimDoggy said...

Great post and good reminder for those of us with seniors to be mindful in giving those supplements - Zuke's is sure an easy way to do it.

Unknown said...

Good point to remind humans to research possible medical troubles with their breed. I have the luxated patellass that Oliver's breed is prone too. Poms get it frequently too.

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