Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Win Some Prizes and Rescue the Rescues

by Tanner and Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
We Need Your Help!

Today is a great day to remember your canine companions' loyalty and dedication to you. Hasn't he kept your feet warm in bed, guarded your home and made sure you get your exercise. Of course!

Now it's time to return the favor. Our mom is busy as a bee at All Things Dog Blog™, telling the whole world about MANKINDdog™. This is a cool website that carries really super nice stuff for dogs and dog owners. Maybe you'd like to take a look?

Mom and the MANKINDdog™ folks even got a big charity campaign going to help the 257 Labs at our local rescue and a Humane Society in Arizona. She says they are trying to Be the Change for Animals. This sounds good to us.

There's a group of pet bloggers that have banded together to network and do good stuff for animals. They all get together to share ideas and help out rescues through the Blogpaws site. They even have conferences to talk about pet blogging. Mom went to one of their conferences a couple of months ago and now she's a blogging lunatic. Well, maybe that's a little harsh, but you get what we mean. Apparently us bloggers really can make a difference. Who knew?!!

We hope you'll check out the cool prizes and fun doggie stuff at MANKINDdog™ and the program at All Things Dog Blog™. See ya soon!


Niki Maas said...

Well if humans that know what yal are thinking and need, dont stand up and speak for you.. Then what good are we?
I had had major fights with my family over this topic.. They say why dont I use the energy to help people? Well I belive in Service Dogs and what they do for people.. And I believe in Rescues and what they can do.. Animals are , and Alwasy will be my main topic.. Animals show Love and Loyalty, and they deserve to be treated in the same way!!! 4 paws up to your mom, Shes a great woman.. Wish everyone had half the heart she does!!!


Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver said...

We love her too Miss Niki. Thanks for Fetching us your thoughts. Take care!

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