Friday, November 5, 2010

SpokesDog? I Thought that was My Job :(

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
Did I Lose My Job? Nah!
It seems that I've been replaced as the SpokesDog over at All Things Dog Blog. I didn't even get a Pink Slip. Better look at my paycheck. Wait! I don't get a paycheck. Hmmmmm....

JK...I've been busy with Tanner taking pics of us in our new MANKINDdog™ bandanas, so I guess that why Scruffy got the SpokesDog job in the post about Seniors and Puppies.

It's okay, we look extremely dapper in our new bandanas and you'll get to see us soon. Have you seen the prize package of MANKINDdog™ goodies that mom is giving out at their raffle? Wow! Somebody is going to be super lucky to get all those great gifts. Mom says there's only 2 weeks to enter, so you better get going and find out how at her post. Good luck!

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