Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Rest for a Weary Dog

by Tanner and Oliver

© Carrie Boyko
You Want us to What?
Things are just completely out of hand here. After the MANKINDdog business, and then the Woof and Meow series, we thought we'd get a little vacation. 

Mom's got us doing more photo ops for toy and vacuum reviews and all sorts of other stuff. Does she think we're cover models or something? Next thing you know, she may be training us for Chippendale dancing. Hmmmm.....That could be a clever theme for a Canine Freestyle routine, huh? We'll have to put that on our long term To Do list.

For now, we just want to remind you to check out the vacuum giveaway that mom's got going at All Things Dog Blog. It's a dandy!

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