Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pet Bloggers Unite to Help Rescues and Humane Societies

by Oliver
© Carrie Boyko
I Love my Bandana!
My mom and a dog loving company called MANKINDdog™ have formed a pack of their own. They're busy raising money for mom's favorite rescue and MANKINDdog's local Humane Society by getting bloggers to link to their program.

At the Blogpaws conference lots of pet bloggers like us started a "Be the Change" program to do good stuff for pets. They're helping mom out too, with a nice post at the link above. When we all work together, we can help lots more pets get homes and have nice lives. Tanner and I want to do our part, cuz we're the lucky guys. So, we're going to "Be the Change" along with our mom. Won't you join us and blog about her campaign!

When it's all over they'll be giving away lots of thank you gifts and 2 big prize packages. Tanner and I looked over the prize packages and decided we're in. We're bloggers too, so we're going to help out. We're posting about the campaign right here.

You can enter to win the prize package this way:

    • Order $40 or more of merchandise from MANKINDdog™ by November 19 to enter.
    • Then, let my mom know you entered to be sure your name is in the pot. (That's really, really important!) Send her a message or email her at
    • On November 20th, MANKINDdog™ and All Things Dog Blog™ will announce the winners. Here's the prize package: You can read more at mom's post. Just follow the link above.
Good luck!

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