Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pet Travel Feeding Solutions

by Oliver
Tanner Shows Off the TRAVEL-tainer

First off, I didn't make up that title. Tanner was in charge of titles today, and pictures too. He picked one of himself :(   It's really, really boring, but the post is bunches better; I wrote the post :). Keep reading...When this news flash came by me I just had to scoop it up before Tanner got wind of it. The new TRAVEL-tainer that Mom has sitting on her desk right now has bowls that hold a whole quart of food. Yeow! I'm loving that idea since I get way less than that at my usual chowtime.

I have not quite figured it all out. I know Tanner is bigger than me. But I do weigh 10 lbs. That seems like enough to be fed a reasonable ration, but no, I get tiny nibbles of kibble in my diminutive bowl. And then Mom has the gall to call me her pocket pup. Doesn't she know that makes me feel so, so, small? :(

So I'm going to figure out a way to hide that TRAVEL-tainer and make sure it's mine. When we go on our next camping trip I've got dibs on it. Done! Tanner will get to eat out of the grocery store plastic bowl that's barely big enough for a mouse. So there!

FYI, if you want to nab one of these cool travel containers, you need to be at #Gamma2Fresh, Mom's Twitter Party on June 10. She's hosting for the Gamma2 company along with Paris, her Event Barkers buddy. They apparently have a whole pile of Gamma2 food containers to give away, but I've yet to figure out where she's hiding them. Maybe I'll go check the garage. Wish me luck. See you on June 10. I'll be tweeting @5MinutesforFido. Go RSVP right now so you can get in on the prizes.

My bad! I should tell you about the extra chances to win. Besides the RSVP drawing, you can PreTweet to win, and there's a Rafflecopter thingy you can enter on too. Good luck with that; I'm not too sure if it will take off flying or what. Let me know if you figure it out.

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