Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did She Say Blankies or Binkies?

by Tanner
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I'm a Golden guys know that, right? I know I'm not the typical looking version, but my mom loves me. That's all that matters to me.

Today she's reminiscing about Xena, my packmate that we lost recently. Just like any other Retriever, Xena liked to carry things around in her mouth. It's a Retriever thing, I guess, but I never do it. No, not me!

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Niki said...

Well we all know how special Xena was and how special you are... But you arent the only one who caries stuff around.. I have a video of Allie playing with her lamb , she would shake it intil it made a sound.. she loved stuffed animals who made the sound of the animal..I miss her, I have all her cloths and the new monkey i bought her just before she passed away..
Duke carries his Duckie everywhere, was told I have to buy him a new one.. no wings left on it, and wont quack anymore.. He stole my sones Happy birthday whatsit.. and played with it until it quit playing..
Buttons had a lion she always carried around.. She lost it outside.. Guess I have to get her a new one too.. haaa , My dogs hated Squeeky toys, they prefered the ones what made sounds or played music.. Baby toys!!!

Each of you are special, thats why we love taking pics of yal with your toys, and love memories...

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