Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did You Meet Our New Vet?

by Oliver
Today's a big day over at All Things Dog Blog--huge! Mom just introduced our new ASK the Vet Columnist, Dr. Pat.  Mom says she's a holistic vet, something that means she will look out for our minds too.

I'm not sure I get that, but hopefully you do. Anyway, I guess that means that we'll be having Ask the Vet columns from Dr. Pat now. She seems like a nice lady, so I'm cool with that.

Her first answer to a reader will be coming up real soon--something about sun protection for us pups. I guess there's a dog planning a trip to the beach. Sounds interesting. I'd like to go back to the beach too. What do ya think? Have I got my body surfing position down?  Mom..........

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