Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The "Goodest Dog" is in Trouble!

by Oliver
Tanner is in trouble...haha! Between you and me, it's no big deal. So, he chewed up a cardboard hanger and plastic snappy gadget--big deal!

Me? I was being a perfect angel, napping in my crate until I heard the ruckus and woke up.

Dad and Mom had a pow wow about why Tanner chewed a hanger, when he hadn't done that since he was a puppy. Maybe he just missed doing it....duh! You can read all about mom's big revelation at The Hardest Lesson for a Dog Owner. She was mumbling stuff to herself about "I should have known" all the while she was writing it. She's so funny!

Well, her conclusion was that we need more walks, and I'm all for that. I can never get out too much. I love meeting the neighbors and the dogs, cats and other critters we see when we go hiking. Let the walking begin!

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