Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Necessities: Add these to Mom's List

by Tanner
I'm just a little peeved with mom right now. How could All Things Dog Blog publish a list of dog necessities  for a day outing  and leave off food and toys. Duh! She was yammering about emergency stuff and left food off the list. Really!

Almost as bad is that there were not any toys on that list of hers. If we're going to the beach, she better have the Chucker in the car, loaded with a tennis ball. She can't throw without it, and I can't miss out on a fetch game.

Or maybe we could work on our Frisbee skills; I need a lot of work there. Mom's friend Chris, who does lots of Disc dogging, wrote some guest posts for All Things Dog Blog a while back. You can read them at Chris Engel's Frisbee 101 Series; the links are about halfway down the page.

Floating toys for the water are great too. Mom didn't have these on her list either. That's it! I'm going to go have a talk with her. Things have got to change. See ya at the beach!

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