Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dogs Swimming: How Much is Too Much?

by Xena
Summer days and summer nights. Sometimes we get in the pool too many times and....oopsie.....someone gets the 'runs.' When mommy took us to the doctor we figured out that we were swimming too much--especially Tanner. He drinks half the pool when he goes in it, silly boy.

Dr. M. told Mom that Tanner could swim once a day as long as she rinses him well, dries his ears out, and sprays him with a moisturizer. He thinks it smells girly, but I like it. We both like to be dried off with a towel. It's sorta like a massage. Ahhhh!

Oh well, Tanner. We can play Fetch at the dog park too. That boy can't live without a Fetch game every day. Does your dog play Fetch? My mom likes teaching Fetch. You can read her instructions at Teaching Your Dog to Fetch. It's Tanner approved.

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