Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Managing" Three Dogs? Who's She Kidding?

by Xena
My mom is so funny. She's spouting about writing a guest post at our friend, Kelly Denz's site, Critter Minute. But really, how much trouble can we be?

Look at us. We're the picture of well-behaved dogs, right? Of course!

And I take full responsibility for that. I'm the matron, the 13 1/2 year old 'mother' to these two juvenile boys that get a little rambunctious occasionally. I keep them in line when they don't listen to mom, although most of time they do. I'll admit that. Oh well, you might enjoy reading Managing Your Multiple Dog Household anyway. We really like the stuff about busy bones, treat ballsboredom busters and other fun stuff. Your dogs will like these ideas, so be sure to take notes. See you next time.....Xena

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