Monday, July 19, 2010

My Solution for Dog Poop Stains

by Oliver
As usual, Mom's talking about embarrassing stuff over at All Things Dog Blog. Today it's stains from what she calls "doggie indiscretions". That's just a nice way of saying dog poop and throw up. Well, certainly, I never do those things in the house. Neither does Tanner or Xena.

Mom says that sometimes senior dogs start to have accidents. So far, so good, with Xena. She's a very well-mannered old lady. But I guess the time could come.

Your dog, whether it's a puppy or an old girl like Xena, may have an accident in the house from time to time. I guess it's okay to keep a little club soda and peroxide around for clean up. Let's just make one thing clear; whenever mom finds anything naughty around the house:

"I didn't do it!"

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