Friday, July 16, 2010

Senior Dog Stuff and CGC Mulligans

by Tanner
I hope you saw Xena's interview over at All Things Dog Blog. It's kinda cool that an old girl like her can get an interview, even if it is just at my mom's blog.

Just between you and me, Oliver and I kinda like it when we drop Xena off at the house half way through our walks. The old girl really slows us youngsters down. We like a faster pace so we get to see more fun stuff. You know, cats, squirrels, other dogs, and even the occasional possum or raccoon.

The other night Xena saw our neighborhood bear outside, but I missed it. No fair! Mom said she barked at the bear and the bear ignored her. I bet I could get that bear's attention.

I have to admit that Xena has been a good role model for me to grow up with. Now I guess it's my turn to teach Oliver a thing or two. Ooops! I guess since he just earned his CGC  (Canine Good Citizen) Certificate, it will have to be the other way around.

All my friends say that I should get a "Mulligan" (a do-over or retake) because of all those ducks showing up at a Retriever's good behavior test is just not fair. Really!  :(  Do you think you guys could all write to the AKC and ask them for a Mulligan for me?

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