Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogpaws is Over and Mom's Home...

by Xena, Tanner and Oliver
We're glad to report that our mom finally made it home from Denver's pet blogging conference on Sunday evening, just in time to feed us. Whew!

She met lots of other bloggers, listened to presentations and met a bunch of dogs. We gave her a good once over when she walked in and she smelled a lot like Judy, the photography teacher's model. I guess that means we'll be posing for more photos, but we don't mind. We're good models too. 

We are a bit miffed that we didn't get to go, so we're going to be pestering her for a trip next year. We want to meet Judy and all the other pups that went to Denver without us. Mom says only one can go, so maybe you guys should leave comments and tell her who should come along. C'mon! Help us out!

For now, we're just glad to get back in a routine. We missed the 3 on 1 walks. But there's more....Mom brought home tons of goodies to give out as prizes. Watch All Things Dog Blog for her giveaways. It's going to be epic.

Before she starts handing stuff out, we better go sniff through it and dig out our favorites. Maybe we'll even find a few to give out here. 

What should we keep, huh guys? More importantly, where can we hide it?  Xena votes for underneath her bed. That won't work for Oliver; his bed is too little. Any ideas?

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