Friday, September 10, 2010

Social Networking for Dogs? Hmmmm....

by Oliver
(c) Carrie Boyko
Tanner and Oliver
Network with the Toys
Mom is really giving this social networking thing a full court press--well sorta. She thinks we should be trying out all these sites she has found out about. She wrote about them today at All Things Dog Blog; I guess it's kinda cool.

What's she thinkin, though? We have a life--no time for keeping up with all the dogs around the planet.

Funny thing is when she started us watching videos on Zoogletube, we got a real charge out of it. We even got to watch some doggie birthday parties, so we've decided we need to plan one for me. Well, okay, I guess I decided that.

I want to invite all my friends and have a Halloween theme, since I was born in October. My "cousin" has a really cool pumpkin costume, but I don't think he can come; he lives too far away. What d'ya think; would you like to come? Guess I better go get busy on my costume; I'd like to be a Rottweiler. Any ideas?

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