Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fleas and Dogs: Looks Like We'll be Smelling Like a Peppermint Factory Again!

by Tanner
© Carrie Boyko
No Fleas on Brent and Tanner

I'll never forget our experience with the peppermint treatments after we went camping. My momma doesn't like to use insecticides in our yard or home. She worries about our health. So when we came home with ticks, she got the big guns out--you know, the ones with red and white stripes that folks eat at Christmas time! JK, but it did smell like that around here.

You'll have to read her post about it to truly understand how well it worked: No More Ticks for Tanner. My mom and Dr. Pat both say that fleas and ticks don't like essential oils like peppermint, so every time we go to the dog park, mom sprays us down with peppermint spray or cedar oil spray. Dr. Pat and our friend Patti had a good idea to spray the mist on our bandanas. She said it would work best for little dogs like Oliver. I don't mind the spray on me, but Xena acts all girly about it. She dances around and looks silly. Oh well, as long as it works, it's okay with me. Fleas are no fun!

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