Friday, September 24, 2010

Puppy Calendar Giveaway Announcements by Oliver, CGC

by Oliver
(c) A. BoykoOliver
Announces Calendar Winners
The big day has come and I am excited to give away my first prizes. Mom helped me pull 3 names out of the entry jar and here we go. Drum roll, please!

The winners are:

Anita Niki Maas
Lori Meca

We'll need your addresses, ladies, so send them to, and we'll get your prizes in the mail as soon as our little paws can manage it.

  • We had one little glitch with the prizes. Turns out one of the calendars is for 2010; apparently that's a problem. Oops! So, the third name drawn, Mistressnovella, will have two choices:

(1) Take a prize package of miscellaneous surprise goodies for your pup (I'll need to know his weight and sex (M/F) to make selections. Trust me; I have great stuff!

(2) Have your name added to the entry jar 3 more times to increase your chances of winning another goodie next time. (Hint: I have a drawing coming up for big readers; perhaps this would be one you'd love!)

Thanks to all of you who entered (Lea, Olliegator, and Jamie) for your participation. The good news is that your name is still in the entry jar, which means you could win a prize at any time in future drawings. 

You can enter as often as you wish, so keep up the good work. Mom says the more you enter, the better chance you have of winning, so be sure to watch All Things Dog Blog for our weekly drawings. We even have some games planned for prize giveaways; me and Tanner love to play games. Hope you come to join us.

It's time for me to go take a walk now. We'll be watching our email for the winners to send their addresses and other information. Thanks again!

Watch for more upcoming prize drawings:
  • Dog Reading bonanza (fiction, nonfiction, magazines, how-to's, and more)
  • Toy-breed dog package of specially selected things for your little guy (or girl!)
  • Music to calm your canine companion--specially formulated to relax and calm your dog without putting you to sleep. This music is performed by Lisa Spector, concert pianist.
  • Toki Poki Tshirt (with a Boston Terrier on the front)
  • Dog food samples for the finicky eater at your house.
  • Collars, collars and collars (many colors)
  • 1 very special toy for a big dog with lots of play energy
  • More Tshirts from pet related companies coming your way
  • A toy-breed dog carrier made of eco-fabric with a padded bed lining.
  • and lots more goodies coming your way...

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