Monday, September 6, 2010

Us Dogs Love Being Part of a Family

by Tanner
(c) Carrie Boyko
Walking with Family Helps us Bond
I'd be nowhere if it weren't for my family. Dogs, just like you people, are social creatures. We like to be surrounded by our loved ones and do things with them. We're not loners.

One of my favorite pack-family things to do is walk together. My 'boy', Brent, was home recently for a short visit. Oliver and I got him out nearly every day for some much-needed exercise. He took us to a lot nearby where we ran and played Frisbee. Don't tell mom, but he throws the Frisbee bunches better than she does.

Now my Brent is gone off to work in some faraway place, and once again I'm left to keep charge of just mom, dad, Oliver and Xena. Today mom shared a 'Rescuing Rover' story over at All Things Dog Blog. It's from my friend Ginny's mom, Nancy. You might enjoy her story if you like to read about successful doggie adoptions. Ginny and I have spent many fun times running agility courses  with her dad, Danny. Ginny is much better than me, though. That's okay. They have a nice family of 3 dogs too, just like us. Isn't family great?!!!

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