Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salmon What? Is This Really a Dog Thing?

by Patches,
the 5 Minutes for Fido housecat

Hmmm? I'm hearing all this talk and chatter about Salmon-ella. All I hear is the first part of that word, and off I run to the kitchen. Where is it? It's got to me here somewhere. Yet I can't smell it.

Sometimes I wonder about this dog blog business that I've managed to find myself in the middle of. Really! What self-respecting cat wants to live in a houseful of dogs that seem to be all about themselves and their personal, private website? Me, I guess.

I have a great setup here. I get two squares a day, extras when dad rolls past my "room", my own kitty door, food area and litter box house. I even have an upstairs that the dogs pretty much ignore, so it has become my room--my perch. I love to sit on the steps and just watch the goings on below. When I do venture down, the dogs are dogs go. I'm not crazy about them (except Xena; she adopted me, I can't complain about her), but I love mom's lap, so I snag it whenever the dogs are out on a walk or dog park trip with Dad or our kids that come and go. It's glorious to have her all to myself occasionally.

Back to the Salmon. Turns out that is an illness, not chow for me. Bummer. Sorry I messed up today's post you guys. I just couldn't resist getting in on some Salmon. Maybe another time?

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